Multi Language Mobile App Development Challenges

July 9, 2018

Multi-Language Mobile App Development Challenges

Developing a multi-language mobile app is a challenge in itself that needs to be dealt with extreme care and sophistication. It has, after all, the fortunes of a company or a business tied it. Gone are the days when a business had to deal with the audience residing in the vicinity of a company, the people who used to interact with it would thoroughly understand what it is all about, whether they would get from there what they need, because the language it had could be easy for such audience to relate with. Now the game is totally different, the business has expanded globally, catering to the needs of millions of people spread across the globe.

But the challenge associated with doing global business is lack of understandability between the company and the consumers of its services and products emanating from the differences in the language of people and that of the company. It emerged as the major roadblock for global business, a deterrent to the profitability of a company. Out the crises that ensued, a need was felt for the development of multi-language mobile apps so that people could interact with a business in the local language. Not everyone in the world is well versed in the English language that has made it increasingly important for the business to develop a mobile app that can virtually, at the least, support every major language of the world. In short, the need of the hour is the development of the multilingual mobile app, which, however, is not free from the challenges.

So, what precisely is the role of the multilingual app in the growth of the business, and why should you develop a multilingual app for your business in the first place? It is the common question many businesses in today`s world are asking app developers. Well, if an app can support more than one language, it surely has to give you some advantage. Foremost of which is the ability to connect with people who speak a different language, hence more exposure to the potential market and direct access to a larger pool of target audience. When customers have the content of the app in local language they understand your business better, and can better relate to your business, that would add to your profits significantly.

With that said, let`s now move to the main topic, multi-language mobile app development challenges. It is the time we take them one by one to understand them better so as to overcome these challenges more efficiently.

  • Translating a Language:

When I say translating a language, many people wonder that how does it pose a challenge, after all, it is so easy a job. But that is not the case. It is a very complex process because you have to take care of the expressions, manners and linguistic values of the language into which you translate the contents of your app. When the app is in the local language it enhances the user experience by making it more personal culturally and technically as well. In fact, the machine translation has offered some relief by way of translating content into any language extremely fast and in bulk, but it is not the complete solution. It lacks the creative touch of the human translation and appears superficial and lacking in coherence that confuses the user. That is why you`ll need an expert human translator to do the job for you but that can be challenging because the human translation is a time-consuming process and costs you a hefty sum of money.

  • Geographical Location:

With the change in geographical location, it is not only the language that changes but data and time, flavors and tastes, cultures and needs, everything with it changes. When developing a multilingual app, you`ll have to incorporate all these features, too, into the app to give it local appearance in terms of the language.

  • Adaptive Design:

The design of the app has to be flexible, dynamic and very adaptive because one of the challenges with the multi-language app is that different languages occupy different spaces. The space English could fit into, maybe the Chinese won`t. To make your design expand with the expansion of the target language is the challenge that demands most of your attention when developing a multi-language mobile app. In fact, you don`t have every language written in the same style or in the same direction, and when you translate the content, with it the very look of the app has to change. That`s why an adaptive design is must, after all, it should not get distorted.

After overcoming these challenges, the next big thing to consider as a multilingual app developer is that the context of your app has to be thoroughly explained to the translator so that he translates the content of your app not out of the context, that can do no good to your business cause because people would not be able to relate to it. The context is a must and it should show up in the translation.

While writing the language of the app don`t forget to include the code of the country, date and time format specific to that country code, regional symbols that conform to the religion, culture, and tradition of the target country. It would help you get access to the market and make your business one of them so that people there could connect with it as if t were their own.

In short, there is no denying the fact that a multilingual mobile app does make your business truly global, expand its market reach and up the profits but you should not ignore the challenges I have specified above. You overcome them first, and then leap into the new potential markets to reap in its untapped benefits and strengthen your market presence globally. It is the game you need to play seriously if you desire to win.

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