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Public or Private Blockchain? What to Choose For Your Business?

Businesses are choosing a distributed ledger blockchain technology depending on speed, cost, and security. Public Blockchain that is very common, allows anyone to participate and are transparent. It is an original intent of blockchain technology, to create a distributed network in

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Top 3 Platforms for Successful Smart Contract Development

The Smart contracts are rising in popularity. They’re becoming a more efficient way to deal across geographies and are one of the more scalable applications of Blockchain technology. From real estate to banking & finance, smart contracts are becoming ubiquitous.

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A Guide to Developing Your ICO Marketing Strategy

ICOs are quickly gaining popularity with many companies leveraging the platform to raise capital. Whether that be a new startup or a fresh round of funding, an ICO is perceived as a viable alternative to traditional cash. That being said,

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Factors Determining the Price of any Cryptocurrency

While many factors drive the price of a cryptocurrency, there are a handful of factors that are the leading causes. Investment analysts may have a preference of one factor over another, but the savvy investor understands the ecosystem from a

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How Property Portals Can Change The Way You Manage Your Property Business

Real estate industry has undergone a complete revolution in the last decade. Earlier the real estate industry saw the domination of estate agents and brokers. These brokers either were working independently or with a property company. For buying or selling

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How To Find The Best Blockchain Application Development Company?

Cryptocurrencies might have run into trouble in various countries. But the blockchain technology behind it has caught on. Companies and institutions all over are trying to commercialize it. Many have been successful in doing so. Blockchain has been helping industries

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What Skills are AI Firms Expecting From its Employees?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) also known as machine learning has come a long way in the recent few years. Instead of being a subject of discussion, it has become a reality. There has been ready integration of AI across a large

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Tips to develop a Chatbot Persona for your Brand

Chatbots are one of the best resources of a website as they truly enhance the productivity and reaches of a brand. These bots have a personality of their own and interact with the site visitors. They chat with the viewers

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Moving ahead from Google Search Appliance

Introduction of Google Search Appliance (GSA) in 2002 was instrumental in changing the way organizations found information online. Ever since, GSA has been powering results for websites, intranet, and extranet. But with time, expectations of users for a better search

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Lessons from Blockchain Beginners – Both Insights and Actions

Like most new technologies, Blockchain also had its share of detractors and backers. It has been the case ever since its invention in 2008. While some did cast aspersions over its viability, others embraced it. Blockchain was set up for

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