Top 10 Programming Languages Every Developer Should Know

 Top 10 Programming Languages Every Developer Should Know

The field of software development is vast and holds a lot of potentials. It is evident that a mobile app developer must be aware of certain programming languages. The programming languages might be challenging and have their complexities. The software developers can cut past through them and appear victorious.

It is impossible for software developers to know everything about all programming languages. As one starts a career in mobile app development agency, they will learn about the software. But there are certain pointers one needs to understand. Only then is it possible to pick the right language for mobile app development solutions?

  • Type of project the developer will be dealing with.
  • Whether the developer has a mathematical background? As it assists in mobile app development?
  • If the developer has an interest in upgrading his language knowledge which can be flexible?

Once you get the answers to these queries, you can check out the list given below. It consists of the top 10 Programming languages. These are the languages that every software developer must be aware of.

Top Programming Languages to know about

Top Programming Languages

1. JavaScript

JavaScript and software developers go hand in hand. No wonder it has bagged the top position in our list. It is the most popular language among developer for over half a decade.

Now JavaScript can integrate with HTML and CSS. This helps with front-end software development. JavaScript is a strong programming language. It helps in custom web development services to create pages for websites which are interactive and user-friendly. JavaScript is a developer friendly language and tolerates errors by providing predictive rectification. Moreover, it runs on almost all web browsers.

2. PHP

We mostly use PHP for web development only. The astonishing fact is that giants like Facebook, Wikipedia, and Yahoo have used it to develop an able front-end and back-end webpage. It also helps in managing articles for WordPress which helps in making the language more known to people. This we can augment with HTML codes to make web templates and to increase the functionality of HTML and DHTML. Also, it offers an efficient framework to build an adaptive and sturdy application that we can use for a long period.

3. Java

Java is one of the veterans in the programming language field and has been a leader for more than two decades. It is successful to date due to its adaptable nature. Any code on Java after compilation can be re-compiled into another low-level language. It can run on any device which supports Java Virtual Machine. Java is popular as a programming language for beginners. It thus finds an introduction in the initial phase during many courses.

In fact, it is helping every other mobile application development company in India. It helps in developing an android based application, which is only expected to rise given a large number of Android users in the country as well as globally. The mobile app development in India relies on Java and other high-level languages. This is due to the tough competition and customer demand.

4. C/C++

The interesting part about these languages is that one of them is almost as old as monolith paintings, still preferred by programmers globally. Introduced almost 50 years ago, C language has seen computer technology and programming change from seasons. It might be one of the oldest players in the programming language game. Still getting a hold on this language can be difficult. The reason why C language remains popular till date is its ability to let the developer work with computer processing. It is ideal for programming Linux based applications and other embedded systems.

C++ is the advanced version of C and has obvious advantages over its predecessors. It can process computer graphics which can aid in developing virtual reality and video game.

5. Python

It is a user-friendly programming language and must not be confused with its name-twin in the animal kingdom. It is not difficult as in the case of C language and demands clear syntax like Java which is like the English language. Thus, it’s the perfect choice for every mobility service provider, globally.

Python can aid in developing back-end web development and in upgrading open source frameworks. Various extra packages like NumPy and SciPy help in developing specific applications for mathematics and engineering. The software programming language can also help in building programs for data sciences, machine learning, and computer vision software. In this way, this application serves a great academic purpose too.

6. Ruby

It is the scripting language used for web development. Also, it is the most user-friendly web development language and is the first choice for beginners. It has an active community for helping users across the world and world-class tech-giants like Twitter, Shopify and Bloomberg have employed Ruby in their initial phases for web development. So there goes another concern with air!

7. Swift

Swift is ideal for services that go for iPhone app development in India to develop apps for Apple. It was introduced by Apple itself five years back in 2014 and is ideal for developing iOS and macOS applications. The demand for its developers is high because it has a stronghold on developing Linux based applications. It is also faster than Objective-C. Learning the Swift language will prove to be fruitful for developers as there is a rise in demand for Apple products. iOS runs on every portable Apple device. This includes Apple watches (watch OS), iPhones, iPods, iPads etc.

8. C#

C Sharp (C#) is an object-oriented programming language built on the syntax and platform of C. Developed by Microsoft Corporation; one can be satisfied with its working and framework completely. It is a Microsoft specific application building language. The language has an added advantage for people who have learned C languages as the basic syntaxes remain the same. So, the developer doesn’t need to learn new codes for working on this language.

It has a state-of-the-art platform in which mobile app development agency can develop its application on the Xamarin platform provided by it and deploy the applications on both Android and iOS. So, this way we can reduce the workload to half!

9. Rust

It is a new entrant in the world of programming languages, but that doesn't depreciate its value. For mobile app development services who tried experimenting with it, approximately, 78% of them wanted to continue with the language.

It is developed by Mozilla Corporation and aims for low-level system programming. It owns an extra edge with its excellent speed and security. What it does is that it helps in writing codes to prevent the system from memorizing the data which it shouldn't. In case a system does so, it causes unexpected system crash and errors.

Though It is difficult than many of its peers, such a language guarantees to pay a lot if one gains the mastery over it. Because it is a popular belief that this language will claim popularity soon and clouds only seem to lighten for Rust.

10. Scala 

Scala is a high-level, multi-paradigm programming language. It has appeared as one of the most powerful Java alternatives in recent times.

Scala programming is based on java, so if you know about java syntax then, it is easy to learn this language. Also, if you are not aware of java and have expertise in other programming languages like C, C++ or Python, then, it will help in grasping scala concepts quickly.

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It can be difficult for beginner software developers to focus on many languages and achieve expertise on all of them. But the above-stated languages are simple, and developer-oriented built to aid them and the mobile app development solutions to build seamless and less buggy software for customers. The best languages don't change each year; they reclaim a position due to better developer feedback. Technology is moving ahead at the speed of light but still, it relies heavily on codes which we can write on programming languages, and which only guarantees years of success for the developer.

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