Quora Marketing: How to Use It Effectively in 2022 [Expert Edition]

Dive into the world of Quora Marketing! Uncover strategies and tips for effective utilization in 2022, maximizing your brand's online presence and engagement.

quora marketing

For marketers who want to grow their company and reach a wider spectrum of audiences, there are umpteen platforms they can look for. However, the challenge is deciding the best one for your brand.  But, irrespective of which industry your business is in and the kind of services you offer, the most popular platform for reaching a larger audience and expanding your reach is Quora.

Quora has the potential to be the most valuable marketing tool for your company. Still confused? Keep reading to know what our experts have to say about this and their suggestions on how to use it effectively in 2022.  

1. Jeff Mains, CEO of Champion Leadership Group LLC

Jeff says Quora is a fantastic resource for marketers looking to learn more about the challenges troubling their present and future customers. Use these resources to help you decide where your future content will go. 

By responding to Quora questions relevant to your business, you may show your knowledge of the subject matter and enhance the reputation of your business.

Most importantly, you can persuade others to start thinking about the issue in a different way—one that considers your product specialty.

Here's One Way to Effectively Use Quora Marketing in 2022:

  • Your company website should not be over-promoted. Considering that Quora is not an advertising platform, answering a Quora topic in order to drive traffic to your website is an erroneous behavior. 
  • Quora answers that include excessive links will be deleted, and the user's account may be banned as a result of this practice. 

"PRO TIP: As a result, consider Quora as an indirect marketing platform where you may construct profiles and establish a reputation for your company by earning the confidence of other users."

2. Milosz Krasinski MD at Chili Fruit Web Consulting

Milosz said “My first tip would be to make sure you have a killer profile as you’ll very much be judged on this. Secondly, be choosy about which questions you answer - it’s best to choose a niche and then only answer questions that are relevant. Finally, always provide comprehensive, well-thought-out, and well-written answers. 


"Always track your relevant topics with notifications to make sure that you stay in the loop. Additionally, connect with other Quora users as these can become really valuable contacts. Says, Lukasz Zelezny, Managing Director at SEOLondon.com"


3. Marcin Stryjecki, SEO Project Manager at BookSy

Marcin said, Try to only answer questions on topics which you know about and for which you have something useful to say. There’s a lot of ‘noise’ on Quora and, if your answers are of low quality or it's clear that you’re no expert, you’ll simply be ignored. 

4. Berenika Teter Content Manager at Prowly PR Software 

According to Berenika, “Quora works just like any other social network - which basically means that your content has to be educational and inspirational, rather than promotional.”

She shared some of her go-to tips that you can use to boost your profile visibility and reach:

  • Check if your target group actually hangs out on Quora. If not, it might not be the best place for you to post your content in the first place.
  • Build credibility by answering a wide range of questions (not only those related to your business), and always pay attention to the quality of your answers. This should not get you banned, as opposed to short answers with a clear CTA in them.
  • Identify relevant questions to answer. Look for questions that you can answer with more than just one word, and that can show your expertise.
  • Check how popular the questions are - some might have been posted months ago and still got no traction. I’m currently using a tool called Q-Stats that shows when a given question was posted and how many views it has. This way, I don’t waste my time on questions that are not popular at all. 
  • Format your answers and add visuals. This will make your answers more interesting to read. 
  • Keep up the good work! Improving your Quora presence takes time, but it can truly convert into quality traffic to your site, and even boost your sales in the long run.

5. Marcin Jablonski, Chief Commercial Officer at LV Bet

Marcin explained the importance of reader feedback. He says, Where possible, ask for engagement and feedback in order to increase your profile. 

He also said, “It's also a good idea to pay close attention to your analytics to see how you’re doing and, therefore, figure out what you can do to improve.”

6. Sylvie Coleman, Head of Marketing for Family Destinations Guide

Sylvie explained the importance of KEYWORDS and Search Engine Visibility. The pro-tip that she shared with us is, Try searching out keywords within your industry and try answering each of the questions there are.

By answering each question, you’ll build up authority and eventually grow in popularity. Doing this is just the start, once you have gained authority, you can now try answering questions with snippets or excerpts that were very relevant from your own website (company) and linked over back to your website. 

That strategy worked amazingly well. Because people get curious with the whole answer from your snippets then go visit your page entirely.

7. Rio Rocket, an NFT Artist

According to Rio, Quora is what I consider and frequently refer to as, "the most intelligent social network." 

The key to generating traffic from Quora is to establish yourself as an expert in one or two subjects that you have above-average or expert knowledge in. 

In doing so, you must first set up a profile that introduces yourself and lists credentials detailing what makes you an expert in your subject(s) or topics of discussion. 

Once your profile is established your goal should be to deliver extremely helpful answers to the questions posted on the site. Your answers should be detailed yet concise, easy to read and it is advisable to include visual aids. 

Your visual aids should be images and videos that add variety to and complement your text. Use footnotes and quote your sources whenever you are referring to any data or information that a reader may want to fact check. 

Once your answer is posted you can optimize engagement by responding to comments on your answer. 

There is a fine line between being promotional and being helpful. You want to ensure you don't cross that line. So a winning formula that I use is to be extremely helpful on the front-end of my answer and then plug or link to any external website to which I want to send traffic at the very end.

If your fellow Quorans find your answers very helpful then your answers will receive shares and upvotes which will increase your response rate. People will also begin to follow your answers and click on the links in your profile.

8. Sergey Nikonenko, COO at Purrweb

You may have noticed your answers are frequently getting spammed by Quora. And, you must have wanted to know why

Well, Sergey shared, there are so many possible reasons why your answers are getting deleted. Like, your Answer is plagiarized and has a repeated number of backlinks for getting traffic to your website. 

He further added, To overcome this issue, Focus on the content and readability of the Quora answer. Don’t write long paragraphs because readers don’t have enough time to read lengthy content. 

Use proper headings, bullet points,  bold the keywords, add relevant images, infographics, etc.

9. Angus Chang, Director at Hextto Digital Limited

According to Angus, “Don’t spam. Quora hates spam. For a while it really looked like spam was starting to get the best of the site. But they have been doing a much better job cracking down on it lately.” 

The Pro-tip he shared with us is, Choose the accurate question which has a maximum number of followers. Use proper formatting and trending keywords and highlight them. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. Use easy-to-understand wording, don’t use technical terms or jargon, etc. in your answer.  

10. Rob Powell, SEO Copywriting Expert

Rob said I’ve been using Quora to send traffic to my website for about 3 years. 

The process I use is very simple:

I go to Quora and do a search using the keyword for my latest blog post.

Keyword search on Quora

I then click on one of the suggestions and look at the question in more detail.

check relevant suggestions on searches

I also look at the ‘Related Questions’ in the right-hand margin (I’ll come back to that in a moment).

I then click on the ‘Answer’ button and type in my response. The key to getting traffic from your answer is getting upvotes. The answers that get the most upvotes on Quora are ones that are written in laymen’s terms and give an overview of the topic in 200 to 300 words.

At the end of the article, I include a sentence that says “To find out more about this topic, see my article [link to article]”

Quora answer sample

11. David Leonhardt, A Freelance Writer

David said, “I get good traffic from Quora. It is not a primary marketing channel for me, but it is an excellent “Plus One”. I have never had an answer deleted, and that is probably because I don’t go on Quora aggressively focused on sales. I go on as an interested member of the community. 

I read a large variety of different posts that interest me, and I comment on a large variety, too. I enjoy Quora and every now and then, I see a chance to market there. That is a healthy approach to marketing on Quora or on any other non-marketing platform or venue.

Look at it this way, if you show up at the community picnic and start pitching your business to everybody there, somebody will show you to the door (if picnics had doors, of course). When I do post a link to content on my website, it is always as part of providing a helpful, informative answer. 

If you want to proactively seek Quora traffic, your content strategy should begin by reviewing the questions asked on Quora. Then create content that responds to those questions. But, a huge warning. If you simply answer the question with a link to your website, your answer likely will be deleted.

Your answer should be on Quora. The link to your website should be for the purpose of providing examples or better explaining some aspect of an otherwise fulsome answer.

PRO-TIP: Don’t go on Quora aggressively focused on sales.

12. Stephen Curry, CEO of CocoSign

According to Stephan, “Like blog posts, Quora responses with visual content have a better chance of attracting the attention of the audience. These can be screenshots, infographics, YouTube videos, and more.”

All in all: Remember that Quora marketing is already competitive due to the ever-increasing popularity of the platform. If you are going to answer a question, enter as much ground as possible and do not give users a reason to look for other answers.

He further added, “The Quora algorithm is not mature enough to recognize humor or irony. Moreover, the reported answer is more likely to get removed. Quora is sensitive in such matters therefore, try to avoid conflict on hot topics. 

Quora has a history of challenging short answers. Long responses get a lot of votes. So if you are answering a simple question, you should find a way to spark your answer, which can be easily done by telling a long personal story related to the question in a roundabout way. And when site users see those kinds of responses receiving votes, they imitate accordingly.”

PRO-TIP: Use Visual Content

13. Harriet Chan, Co-founder of Cocofinder

According to Harriet, “Quora is a useful marketing tool for 2022 that marketers and businesses can take advantage of if they add the relevant “know about” topics in their profile. By availing your profile for more expert topics to comment about, you help distribute your answers (content). 

Additionally, it is important to make your content valuable by sharing insightful answers that help contribute to your industry’s growth.”

14. Rahul Gulati, Founder of GyanDevign Tech Services

According to Rahul, “In Quora, readers seek personal views and opinions Not just remash of Google answers. If you can share what YOU truly feel about the topic with facts, you will get many views and upvotes.

He also shared an example of his work, “I wrote an answer on a film celebrity who is often criticized by the media and so-called A-listers for oud shout acting. That answer ranks #1 for the related search and gets the most views to date.

Here is the link supporting my statement: https://www.quora.com/Is-Sunny-Deol-considered-a-good-actor

He further added Another thing is to find out how many people are following that category or topic. Then do your own research and write something meaningful. If you can add images or infographics, then it's great for visual understanding.

PRO-TIP: Share your honest opinions and stop copy pasting.

15. CJ Xia, VP of Marketing at Boster Biological Technology

According to CJ, “To generate traffic from Quora, answer questions regularly, sprinkle links to your website sparingly, ensure your answers are relevant and accurate. Answer requests from people who value your sound insights.”

He further added, “Secondly, promote your brand using Quora ads. Quora ads let you promote your brand using text, images, and promoted answers.

How do I avoid my answers from being deleted by Quora? 

You should not write a very short answer to the question because  Quora wants you to go beyond an answer to provide an explanation or context.

Don’t put irrelevant links to your answer. Constant links to the same website are regarded as Spam by Quora and will be deleted.

What are some effective ways to create and optimize content strategy for Quora?

Identify which questions to answer. It should be questions that your potential customers care most about & questions that are most likely to be read/ followed/ show up in Google search results. 

Answer the question being asked with an answer that helps the community and gives them useful information — do NOT “pitch” your business and put essential links. 

PRO-TIP: Avoid constant backlinking to the same website.

16. Robert Johnson Founder of Sawinery

Robert said, "Quora is a great lead generation tool for your page as it is a platform designed to attract potential customers who are looking for specific expertise." For example, if someone has a question on woodworking or is interested in taking a course in woodworking, I answer the query to the best of my knowledge and experience then include my website at the end for further information. If the question is related to my craft, then I promote my page wherein explanations on different related topics are provided.

17. Sarah Walker, Owner of Dog Food Desire

According to Sarah, "The Quora community is large and composed of loyal users who regard the site as a reputable source of knowledge. As a result, companies have a unique chance to connect with their target customers on a deeper level."

Users' queries and conversations about issues connected to your sector may help your brand establish a reputation as an authority and display your competence by providing answers to their questions and beginning dialogues about such topics. Having built a distinct voice for your company, you can begin to generate trust with prospects while also organically guiding them to learn more about your goods or services.

18. Heather Welch

According to Heather, "The most important tip is to create a persona. Don’t change your tone and the way you get a message across with every answer you post. This won’t establish a persona, but rather create confusion when someone decides to view your profile."

To generate traffic, your answers should be meaningful. Don’t give a short answer and tell someone to click a link. Give a thorough answer, then include a link in such a way that it doesn’t come across as traffic generation, but rather a recommendation for more information. The moment people realize your answer is not there for “humble” purposes, this is when your answers start to get reported - and possibly removed by quora. 

Another important tip is to avoid spamming links in every answer. Instead, add a link to your profile, then only include a link back to your website in a few of the answers you post on the platform. 

In order to avoid overtly promotional approaches and to contribute to conversations in an organic way that does not aim to sell users, marketers must avoid producing shallow or self-promoting material. Time and effort invested in genuine communication will attract the most qualified people to your website, who will be confident in your legitimacy since they have already established it.

PRO-TIP: The first thing you need to know is that people are getting smarter. People who are browsing Quora for answers are nowadays able to tell apart which answers are there to really help, and which ones are simply looking to get more people to visit a specific website.