Top Web Development Trends to Follow in 2020

How much do you know about the new custom web development trends that have entered the market? Well, the web development world is experiencing a notable change. For decision-makers, it’s necessary to be familiar with them for two reasons first is to sustain ever-rising competition and the other is to sharpen the knowledge.

To save your time and give you a straight piece of information about web development trends in 2020, we’ve analyzed market demands in different fields of the IT industry and made up this list based on them.  

In a hurry? Here's a list of custom web development trends for 2020:

  1. Advancements in JavaScript Frameworks
  2. Modular design and lower development costs
  3. Involvements of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  4. AI-powered Chatbots and Customer Support
  5. The rise of Push Notifications
  6. Voice search optimization

In this blog, you will find out the web development trend that hit the market recently. So, let’s start with;

Advancements in JavaScript Frameworks

If you have noticed the latest web development services, there have been a lot of updates in both the front-end and back-end JavaScript framework. Let’s start with the basics, what is a framework? 

A framework is a reusable design platform that will help in providing support for the most popular programming languages. Usually, web developers write so many pages of code, but with the help of frameworks, there won’t be any need for writing unnecessary and redundant code. 

The best thing about the JavaScript frameworks is their reusability. Developers can write a function once and reuse it as many times as required. 

Furthermore, many Javascript framework updates have already hit the market, while some have just been announced. 

JavaScript frameworks like;

  • Ember, 
  • Backbone, 
  • Vue, 
  • Angular, 
  • Node, etc., 

These frameworks are trendy. According to stats, Angular vs React is also a most debated topic for web developers. Using this JS will save you time, effort, and helps you in creating beautiful websites without putting in much effort.

Other than this, the language is also in the preference of the individual developers around the world. Due to this, it also holds a considerable part in the market share. Moreover, if we divide the various JavaScript frameworks, then Angular is on top of the most used structure. 

Modular Web Design and Lower Development Costs

“The age of templates is over”

Modular design allows developers to reuse the old website modules to create a web page rather than creating a new one using templates. We can say, modular design is a step up from templates. 

Developers can use modular design to create content blocks to display information is a powerful way.  However, creating a modular design web page is like a building with a lego set. When the pieces are combined, developers build a web page that makes sense. This leads to faster and cheaper development but a similar end-goal product.

All of the different pieces can be used for different scenarios. The same can be applied to website development. It’s cheaper, faster, and more flexible. For that reason, you’re probably going to see more of it in 2020.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWA is one of the most impactful trends in web development. The progressive web apps have entered the market recently. And it has become one of the top competitors among many other mobile application development languages.

In a nutshell, PWA is the standard website, but with a few added features. These features enable users to have access to the site offline easily. The sad part is that the users don’t know PWA is behind this. And they tend to give all the credit to the service provider. Moreover, being a custom website development company, you also need to know every part of this.

Through this technology, the user would also be able to save a specific shortcut of the PWA website. This is so that they can easily access this frequently opened website. This would work like any application. 

The software development companies offering custom web development services also need to be well-versed with the progressive web app development. Moreover, you would have to keep the website you make adaptive for any device while implementing PWA in it. It is the next best thing as it enhances the user experience, making people love the website.

RPA powered Customer Support

A large number of organizations work across different time zones and have representation on various continents. This makes the arrangement of good customer service a costly and very complex task, especially considering 24/7 support which is needed in this case.  

In 2020, web development trends are shifting towards automation. RPA and machine learning powered bots proved themselves to be a worthy long-term investment for this purpose. 

AI-powered Chatbots can reply FAQs, connect with the right human client assistant, take an order, and do repetitive tasks. Many surveys show that people would use chatbots for getting quick answers in situations like an emergency, resolving a complaint, etc.

If you still use a traditional customer support system it is the right time to it is time to move on. For making your website user-friendly, pick one of the many automated chat solutions. Just ensure that you select the most relevant RPA service provider. 

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The Rise of Push Notifications

Another web development trend that has entered the market is the push notifications technology. With this, your business would be more noticeable to the clients. Moreover, with the newer subscription model in the market, you would be able to understand your clients better. 

The push notifications technology offers users a choice where they can get notifications to let them know about updates. In short, this would increase the user subscription. This is also a great feature you can add to your client’s website.

With the push notification, the user would get an update even if the website is closed. This feature comes from the mobile app notification feature. It engages many users and urges them to navigate through the site every time. Moreover, it also works well for user re-engagement. 

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is a trend breaking into search engines. And technology like Siri on iPhone, Cortana on Android, Google Assistant from Google, and Alexa and Echo from Amazon isn’t only increasing the voice search, it’s making consumers more comfortable and used to with the feature.

According to a survey, two out of five people say voice-activated devices are essential to their lives. But, what does this mean for web developers?

Two things.

  1. The first one is, it enhances the importance of making your website mobile responsive. 20% of mobile searches are voice searches, according to Google.
  2. And, the 2nd is, as customers become increasingly comfortable using voice search to browse the internet, you might eventually want to integrate voice search internally on your website.

You can easily add a voice search recognition API to your website. And two of the world’s largest web browsers Google Chrome and Firefox support the voice search technology. 

Hire the Best Web Development Company

All the custom web development services are on the verge of a massive revolution. This massive transformation in the industry means that you need to know all about it. These are the things that would keep you ahead of your competition in the market. If you do not know anything about web development, you can hire an outsourcing team. With the help of a custom web development company, you can get high-quality custom web development services. Contact us to get a quote now!

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