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Our RPA Development Services

RPA Consulting

Signity identifies processes that needs to be automated. We will optimize productivity and strategize a roadmap for automation rollout.

Automation Design

Our RPA automation experts will help you in mapping manual processes. We identify methodologies to deploy in your business model.

RPA Implementation

Signity designs and develops robots using AI and ML for process automation. Our experts then organizes workflows and rollout validation.

Automation Support

Our RPA support team will help you with bot management, failure and disaster recovery, risk management, and opportunity discovery.

Robotic Desktop Automation

Desktop automation tools have bots that interact with websites, log into applications, pull data from Excel files, transfer files, generate reports, and much more.

RPA Support & Maintenance

RPA support and maintenance help minimize downtime to offer constant support and contractual maintenance for RPA activities and associated infrastructure.

Signity Solutions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can play a pivotal role in driving transformation across the telecom industry, bringing greater efficiency to telecommunications function - from supply chain and operations to enterprise management and customer care.

RPA Tools We Leverage

Signity Solutions
Signity Solutions
Signity Solutions
Signity Solutions
Signity Solutions

Our Custom RPA Solutions for Your Business

Our solutions and methodologies utilizes different approaches to support, implement, and deploy the products. Our implementation team is equipped with seasoned technologists, consultants, and business analysts who work together to ensure that the solutions are aligned with your organization's goals.

Signity Solutions

Cognitive Automation

Automating existing and new data with the help of cognitive automation.

Signity Solutions

On-demand Bots

Our on-demand bot solutions gives out ultimate scalable and affordable solutions.

Signity Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure

Robotic Process Automation offers cloud solutions with security standards.

Signity Solutions

Enterprise Automation

Make your business process robust and automated with enterprise solution.

Benefits of
Robotics Process Automation

Signity Solutions

Save time and efforts

Help streamline processes while uncovering efficiency and insights. Making processes fast and cost-effective.

Signity Solutions

Automating Task

Tasks are automated to get better functionality and error-free results.

Signity Solutions


Improve compliance with the exact process that meets your standards.

Signity Solutions

Customer Experience

Standardizing processes to deliver extra service to your highest-level customers.


RPA Use Cases

RPA can be leveraged in a lot of industries and departments, bringing immediate
value to the business processes:


  • Payroll
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Daily P & L preparation
  • Financial Planning & Analysis


  • Employee Status
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Employment history verification
  • HR virtual assistants


  • Updating records
  • Issuing refunds
  • Invoice processing
  • Policy management


  • Software installations
  • Automated testing
  • Internal tools
  • No code RPA solutions


  • Accounts payable
  • Controller function
  • Cost allocation
  • Financial Planning & Analysis

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RPA can help your organization save cost and achieve business objectives.


Automation of menial and repetitive tasks can help focus on higher value that involve complex decision making, such as developing customer relationships. So, the most significant payoffs of automation are reduced costs, consistent quality, and increased efficiency.

In terms of long term RPA provides scalability that is, automated robotics can be replicated or reused across different business departments and between locations. And additionally, the number of active robots can be scaled up or down quickly with little to no additional cost.

Automation will lead to cost savings of up-to 55% and also we do not start any commercial engagement unless we are convinced about the business case for you.

Our RPA implementation process initiates by determining whether your business needs automation or not. We analyze data-entry procedures in workflow processes, data extraction from standard databases and routine tasks.

We are an experienced industry veterans who have developed products to help both, enterprises and individuals, to not only prepare for confidently embracing this huge change but benefit from it too.


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