Top Trends in Custom Web Development

November 21, 2018

How much do you know about the new custom web development trends that have entered the market? Well, currently, the custom website development world is experiencing a notable change. The change can be seen through all the new methodologies and technologies that are emerging in the market. And for those who do not know anything about these methods, it disrupts their schedule. Hence, it is crucial for every custom web development company to know all about the new trends in the market.

Top Trends in Custom Web Development

Trends in Custom Web Development

The changes that develop are so frequent. And it is due to this that many do not even know what would come next. Moreover, being a company that offers custom web development services, you need to know all. This article tells you everything about the recent trend that hit the market. Dive into each to understand them better. And then implement them in your daily custom web development solutions.

Advancements in JavaScript

If you have noticed the latest web development services, there has been a lot of updates in both the front-end and back-end JavaScript framework. Some updates have already hit the market, while some have just been announced. JavaScript frameworks like Ember, Backbone, Vue, Angular, Node, etc., are very popular. Every custom web development company considers JavaScript, thus making it the most used programming language.

Other than this, the language is also in the preference of the individual developers around the world. Due to this, it also holds a huge part in the market share. Moreover, if we divide the various JavaScript frameworks, then Angular is on top of the most used structure. There are many significant changes in each structure, and newer versions are on the way. With this, every company offering custom web development services should be well-versed in it. That is when you would be able to provide the best services to the client.

Involvements of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

If you have not yet heard of the PWA, then you need to start learning all about it. The progressive web apps have entered the market recently. And it has become one of the top competitors among many other mobile application development languages. From the many mobile app languages emerging as well, PWA tends to throw them off the grid.

PWA is the standard website, but with a few added features. These features enable users to have access to the site offline easily. The sad part is that the users don’t know PWA is behind this. And they tend to give all the credit to the service provider. Moreover, being a custom website development company, you also need to know every part of this.

The data of the PWA is stored in the cache which assists the websites to load faster than usual. Moreover, the working of the site is offline and works just like any website online. To be clear, the PWA do collaborate with the service providers for helping the website work offline. The service providers operate in the background where the user can see the latest cache when they visit the site.

Through this technology, the user would also be able to save a specific shortcut of the PWA website. This is so that they can easily access this frequently opened website. This would work like any application. The Software development companies offering custom web development services also need to be well-versed with the progressive web app development. Moreover, you would have to keep the website you make adaptive for any device while implementing PWA in it. It is the next best thing as it enhances the user experience, making people love the website.

The Emerging Automated Chatbots

If you still use the traditional customer support system as a custom web development company, it is time to move on. Generating a ticket and making the user wait for the solution, isn’t the 21st century. Offering the best custom web development solutions includes using the latest updates in the market to give a better UX.

With all the advancements, no users wait for the companies to answer. So, if a person doesn’t get the solution immediately, they move on to another company. And this makes you lose a client. For making your website user-friendly, pick one of the many automated chat solutions. Just ensure that you select the most relevant chatbot app development as per your business or the business the website offers.

Also, you would need that you can operate this chatbot from anywhere. Moreover, the programmed chatbots are seen as the AI/machine learning consulting offering that answer quickly and faster. The users would be excited to use it and keep using the services the website offers. Just navigate the user towards the right place and provide the best solution.

You would have to add welcome messages, predefined answers, and support URLs to the programmed chatbot. This would transform the entire customer service system of the business. Use this for your website and on the site you are developing for your clients. Don’t just offer custom web development solutions, give them great ideas to help their business. You would be able to make a permanent client like this.

The rise of Push Notifications

Another trend that has hit the market is the push notifications technology. With this, your business would be more noticeable to the clients. Moreover, with the newer subscription model in the market, you would be able to understand your clients better. This technology offers the users a choice where they can get notifications to let them know about updates. In short, this would increase the user subscription. This is also a great feature you can add to your client’s website.

With the push notification, the user would get an update even if the website is closed. This feature comes from the mobile app notification feature. It engages many users and urges them to navigate through the site every time. Moreover, it also works well for user re-engagement. Ensure you add this feature to the custom web development solutions you offer to clients.

Hire the best Custom Web Development Company

All the custom web development services are on the verge of a massive revolution. This massive transformation in the industry means that you need to know all about it. These are the things that would keep you ahead of your competition in the market. If you do not know anything about web development, you can hire an outsourcing team. With the help of a custom web development company, you can get high-quality custom web development services. Contact us to get a quote now!

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Priyanka Mehra

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