What to expect of Salesforce Spring ’17 Release?

 What to expect of Salesforce Spring ’17 Release?

The Salesforce Spring ’17 release is ready to take off. Spring ‘17 certainly is all packed with enhancements to accelerate the performance of your sales campaigns, get access to more accurate insights into what your customers want, and deploy analytical dashboards to view the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and a lot more. The Salesforce Spring ’17 release promises a host of exciting features and functionalities designed to enrich your customer relationship management experience.

Let’s explore some of these features and find out what makes the Spring version better than its predecessors.

Say Goodbye to Community Templates

Yes, the Spring ’17 version has disabled popular community templates like Aloha, Napili, Koa and Kokua. The community templates will be replaced by new functionalities that offer improved performance features and visually enriching user experience. Do not worry about the upgrades if you are already using Spring ’16 or later versions of Salesforce. Salesforce would automatically upgrade your template versions.

Gear Up for An Enhanced CTI Toolkit

The Spring ’17 release has disabled the desktop version of the CTI Toolkit. The updated version supports the Open CTI cloud based feature that is compatible with multiple browsers and across different technology based platforms. It also supports superior User-Interface (UI) creation, web-based telephony integrations and easy troubleshooting options.


The Popular Chatter Desktop is Retiring

The Salesforce Winter ’17 Release sees the subsiding of the Chatter Desktop. The updated version supports a more powerful and efficient tool for collaborating with others through the Salesforce app. So be prepared for a power-packed app that provides you with numerous functionalities designed to enrich your information sharing needs.


Upgrade to iOS 10 to Deploy Spring ’17

The Spring ’17 version of the Salesforce app will not be available on App Stores for download if your OS is older than iOS 10. The minimum requirement for downloading this upgrade is iOS 10 and above.

Unleash the Powers of Analytics Through Enhanced Charts

The Spring ’17 release has improvised on its Legacy Charts to provide users with the Lightning Experience charts on their mobile apps. You can now tap on these interactive charts to view details of sales campaigns, filter the view of reports and change the chart types that analyse the data in various formats.


Auto-Activate Locker Service

The Spring ’17 release offers its users with the option to auto-activate LockerService, a powerful security feature used for Lightning Components. Users can now use this feature to enforce improved security mechanism for their systems.

Now that’s impressive!! We always knew that Salesforce Consultants focuses on creating new milestones and defining innovative approaches to customer relationship management. But this certainly makes the wait worthwhile. We are waiting eagerly for the release of this power-packed upgrade.

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