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Today the business environment is all about technological advancement that calls for a flexible approach and dynamic processes. Business automation consulting prepares the business for this approach by achieving operational excellence, executional agility, compliance with updates, competitive strategy implementation, marketing strategy and product relevance.


We at Signity have worked with companies having a broad levels of IT requirements and have generated strategy to automate their business processes along with minimizing the redundant tasks and making the team focus on the tasks that need human intellect and maximize organisational efficiency.

Key Challenges


How We Do It



  • Defining Scope and Process Architecture
  • Mapping Business Processes
  • Optimizing Process Fundamentals


  • Setting KPIs and Metrics
  • Managing Real Time output
  • Establishing Ownership, Responsibility and Accountability


  • From Process Diagrams to Real Process Change
  • Choosing the Right BPM Tool
  • Special Situations

Potential benefits

Reduced operational cost

Automation organises the system for Improved performance and waste elimination in repetitive and slow tasks reduces the cost of operations and operational efficiency.

Productivity enhancement

Every organization plans to define and streamline their business processes. It is only by implementing business automation that realignment of process steps to optimise the flow of information is possible throughout service, production, accounts and HR department.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Streamlined processes guide the teams in setting a high bar of services and customer satisfaction. Business automation helps in repeating optimal level of service quality each time-every time, thus converting customer satisfaction to customer delight.

Consistent Quality

Automation ensures that the systems are aligned in symmetrical processes such that all the activities are executed with an optimum level of executional consistency.

Governance and Reliability

A reliable high quality systems improves the confidence of users including the customers on the business process while giving competitive advantage. The strength of the workflow automation ensures the including and corporate governance implementation with almost zero error.

KPI`s and Metrics

A Sustainable business models must have measured metrics for strategy implementation and success. Business automation drives this Implementation, measuring and auditing features that are vital for accessing the business strategy success.

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