Native Process Mining and Discovery: Transforming Business Processes with UiPath

This blog delves into native Process Mining and Discovery in UiPath, emphasizing the transformative power of UiPath's process analysis capabilities. Process mining provides genuine insights compared to traditional business process management methodologies.

Transforming Business Processes with UiPath

Process mining allows businesses to dissect and analyze their processes effectively. Unlike traditional methods relying on workshops and interviews, process mining extracts real process insights from existing data in corporate systems.

Understanding Process Mining

Process mining offers a profound comprehension of intricate business processes using data from business applications. It aids in process automation decisions and enhancements and substantiates their impact.

Revealing the 'Actual Process'

Historically, companies struggled to attain accurate insights into their processes. Process mining, utilizing digital footprints within systems, captures end-to-end process details, revealing inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

Actual Process

How Does it Work?

By harnessing existing event data, process mining shapes efficient processes. Optimized processes enhance customer experiences and empower employees. Analyzing the 'as-is' of current methods helps in strategizing improvements.

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The Benefits of Process Mining

  • Enterprise-Wide Process Oversight: Effortlessly observe processes across the enterprise scale.
  • Automatable Bottlenecks Identification: Highlight automation-ready inefficiencies and bottlenecks.
  • Data-Driven ROI Boost: Leverage data for heightened returns on automation investments.
  • Intuitive Dashboards for Reporting: Easily understandable dashboards for swift business reporting.
  • Continuous Process Monitoring: Monitor process enhancements and their impact continuously.
  • Democratized Process Data: Grant employees more control over processes.
  • Simplified Compliance: Full audit trails and simplified compliance reporting.
  • Unified Process Source: Eradicate silos between departments with a single source of process truth.

 Benefits of Process Mining

Process Discovery in UiPath 21.4 Release

The latest UiPath Process Mining enhancements in 21.4 offer purposeful insights to optimize and automate work continually. Notable updates include:

  • P2P and O2C Discovery Accelerators: Accelerate process mining in purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash.
  • Process Mining Connectors: Transform raw data consistently into actionable process steps.
  • Automation Hub Integration: Channel automation candidates are identified through process mining directly to the Automation Hub.
  • Process Mining Root-Cause Analysis: Identify process bottlenecks and root causes for efficient automation.
  • Automation Cloud Integration: Seamlessly manage multiple tenants under the same Automation Cloud account.
  • Automation Store: Central repository for ready-to-use automation and governance tools.
  • UiPath Task Capture Enhancements: Improved interface and enhanced process detail capture for documentation purposes.

Real-World Applications

Industries across sectors benefit from process mining, including:

  • Financial Services: Streamlining risk management and compliance processes.
  • Telecommunications: Enhancing customer-centric strategies for innovation.
  • Healthcare: Optimizing patient-centric processes and digitization.
  • Manufacturing: Adapting processes for customized production.
  • Supply Chain & Logistics: Optimizing logistics and supply chain workflows for resilience.


UiPath's Process Mining revolutionizes how businesses understand and optimize their operations. UiPath Development Services propels organizations toward efficiency and innovation with a data-driven approach.

Leveraging UiPath's process mining capabilities, companies can transform workflows into strategic assets, driving operational excellence and paving the way for impactful digital transformation.

 Shailza Kaushal

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