7 Most Overlooked Mobile App Usability Issues - #4 is the Most Crucial

 7 Most Overlooked Mobile App Usability Issues - #4 is the Most Crucial

How many apps have you downloaded and found them tough to use? For your mobile application UX (user experience) to be seamless, every part should be easy to use. From on-boarding to the checkout from the app, all the aspects have to be flawless and should work correctly. The usability is a huge part of the UX. Moreover, it plays a significant role in the experiences that are enjoyable, pleasant to use and efficient. And if the team offering the enterprise mobility solutions, overlooks some of the main aspects, it can have a tremendous negative impact on the UX. In short, the mobile app built by a mobile app development company in India or anywhere has to be perfect. It should not just be valuable and useful for the audience; it should also not take a lot of effort and time in using it. In case the app is tough to use, people would not bother to learn about it and eventually delete it.

7 Most Overlooked Mobile App Usability Issues – #4 is the Most Crucial

Not sure what Mobile App Usability is?

Many usually confuse the user experience design with the usability and vice-versa. Nonetheless, the usability of a mobile app concerns the ease of effort or access of an application for a person to quickly achieve their objective.

A lot of factors contribute towards the usability of a mobile application that eventually influences the effectiveness and efficiency of it. The professional mobile app development services should be able to give you a mobile app that would help the audience accomplish their goal efficiently. There need to be three main outcomes from a usable interface:

 It has to be error-free. In case your mobile app does not work correctly, the other parts of the UX would not matter at all.
 It has to be simple for the user to accomplish the objectives while utilizing the app.
 It has to be simple and clear for the user to understand and eventually become familiar with the UI.

In a world eclipsed by smartphones, it is essential to find the right mobile app development company in USA. A professional mobility service provider would be able to produce an app that would interact and engage with customers correctly. This is important since, both usability and user interface are a crucial part of the UX.

To understand better, here are the 7 usability issues that are overlooked in mobile apps, where #4 is the most crucial one:

1. No Auto-filled Customer Data

One of the newest mobile usability problems that many apps sustain is the lack of auto-filled customer data. This aspect of an application is a vital part mostly for the retail apps. Moreover, it is also highly helpful in the other apps that have user-submitted data.

Mobile applications with poor UX are those that do not support the auto-fill user data (for the search queries bar of any app). Professionals offering mobile app development services have to pay a lot of attention in building a perfect auto-fill option.

Furthermore, they also need to make it visible and accessible edit button for each incorrect auto-filled data. This would allow the users to change it easily. In short, this is another vital aspect that every mobile app development company in India should incorporate into the applications developed.

2. Resolution Miscalculations

Many companies offering the custom web development services tend to ignore the need to prepare the app, keeping in mind that every mobile has a different screen resolution. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a screen resolution of 2960×1440, while the G6 sports a 1440 x 2880 resolution.

Ignoring this can create trouble for the development team. This is because the app would end up looking great on one device while broken on another. And the saddest part is that this has nothing to do with the operating system or the version of the OS.

3. Complicated or Obscure Content

It is normal to simplify the content when it is used for the mobile app. Nevertheless, it is also essential to use just the right amount of content for the user to accomplish their goal. This point is valid for the buying process in an app. In the end, the customer would still need all the details for making a purchase. And if such information is withheld from them, it would result in a much lower conversion rate.

The content that the Android and iPhone app development company in USA adds in your app should go for appropriate customization. With this in mind, the information on the app has to be accurate. It should not be too much that would leave the users frustrated. A user would not appreciate digging in an app to find what they are searching for. Hence, it is essential to present the content in a concise and clear way.

4. Neglecting Various Platforms

One of the most crucial issues overlooked by mobile app developers is – the need for different apps for each different device and platform. It is a tendency for many companies to focus only on one mobile application development.

But, to reach all the potential customers, you would also need an android app. And that is not all; professionals offering android app development services need to keep in mind the different versions of Android OS and hardware manufacturers. These things also play a significant role while making an app with the best UX for all.

For instance, if an app is optimized for a Samsung Galaxy S8, it does not mean it would work flawlessly for a Sony Xperia. Usually, squeezed by tighter budgets and deadlines, the app development professionals focus on a single version/manufacturer.

Nevertheless, android takes up more than half of the mobile market share. Hence, it is worth spending both time and funds to develop better apps that everyone can use. At least, the right iPhone app development company in India would suggest this.

5. Ignoring Landscape Mode

Another UX issue of many applications is the app's compatibility with the landscape mode. But even though the talk about this came up, it went towards a wrong direction. In short, just adding the landscape mode to the app is not sufficient. The orientation modes need proper attention since the two goes for development separately considering them as two different applications.

The landscape mode is used with both the hands that do not move on the screen. On the other hand, the portrait mode is used with one hand which is mostly on the go navigating through the app. So, you need a mobility service provider who would consider the approach to the UX and UI for both modes.

6. Information Versus Speed

The next most crucial issue with the UX of apps is the complicated navigation. Some apps tend to have many levels and options that confuse the users. Due to the requirement of multiple unnecessary taps to complete a task, the users' frustration becomes obvious, and ultimately the user deletes the app. Conversely, some pros oversimplify the navigation while they try to reduce the taps for the users. This confuses the user about where to go in the app and why.

Both less navigation and more navigation in an app result in a poor UX result. Hence, to avoid such issues, it is vital for the mobility service provider to balance between rendering just enough navigation and information. With professional enterprise mobility solutions from the right company, your app can overcome this UX issue.

7. Deep Navigation

Another related problem is the organization of navigation in an app that has multiple levels below the home screen. Due to the increase in the period to complete a task, a dent in the UX of the app is what becomes obvious. Moreover, there are times where we need a lot of back-and-forth processes, which tend to make the users impatient ultimately.

Getting this right is not very easy. Every app has a different approach due to its uniqueness. But with the best services from a great mobile app development company in India, the dilemma can be surpassed. In short, the developer would need to be highly creative and test the app often. Yes, it takes a lot of efforts. But the outcome is worth the hard work that is put in for overcoming the issue.

Hire the best mobile app development company!

UX means that you need to pay a lot of attention to every little thing like the resolutions or the various OS and devices configurations. But with a professional and highly experienced mobile app development company, these issues can be outdone easily. So, in a world where millions of companies are offering mobile app development services, hire our outsourcing team who provides you the excellent services.

Priyanka Mehra