Mobile App Success Story by Opera - A leading Web Browsing App

 Mobile App Success Story by Opera - A leading Web Browsing App

The mobile app development agency in today's world is highly innovative, active and is immersed in the technical details. And it should be this way if these professionals want to remain a part of this highly competitive world. Moreover, the non-technical mobile application development companies in India are also able to reconstruct their practices with a smart strategy. This practice helps the teams turn out successful in creating a great mobile app. Well, a smart strategy is all that can get you a robust and top app running!

It is not all that easy where everyone easily becomes a champion these days. There are many mobile app development challenges that come up in front of the teams. The challenges can come in various forms of complicated issues or mundane that includes:

  • Lack of optimized APIs
  • Financial hurdles
  • Difficulties gathering the proper group
  • Data-scaling hindrances
  • Coding problems

The application users can get the best out of it only when the team begins to think creatively. As soon as the teams bypass the hindrances with creative mobile app development solutions, the app turns into a sensation. Once such company that has worked wonders to cross the many barriers towards success is Opera, you all must very well know about the mobile application browser - Opera. Everyone has used this app or heard about it at some point in their life.

Well, Opera has an inspiring story of how the development teams worked towards dodging all the problems. They were brave and creative enough to take up the challenges and turn them into alluring outcomes. This story is the best one to inspire each one of the mobile app development agency offering mobile app development in India.

Opera faced difficulties in mounting the development for being able to manage the different standard of various devices. The solution to this was to dive inside the Android code to reach the base-level. After that, the team had to work towards expanding the application's ability to manage all the various kinds of traffic.

Here is how the story goes -

Opera’s Case Study

In 2013, Opera Mini came into being. After nine months from its birth, this mobile web browser grew to become the Opera Max. And within no time it was 2014 where the developer's team was cutting the string on their app in Barcelona. And the greatest hindrance that they encountered then was to surmount the shortcomings of the Android OS. This was because they were hoping to interact with the Android operating system later.

Unlike the many mobile app development solutions that some mobile app development agency use, this problem needed something else. For the app to scale,  the team needed to find a technical method that would access the data. This data would then go for rerouting from the application on the user's device to the phone and the operations center. In short, Opera had to use the VPN technology embedded into the Android OS. It was to develop a data route that has a proper user class.

Just for clarification, the purpose behind the creation of Opera was that the users of smartphones would be able to save bandwidth and money on their data plans. This was brought about by consolidating the data that the applications in their phone use while they utilize the apps. Mostly for the video-based and image-based apps like YouTube, Vine, and Instagram. Many of the mobile app development agency who offer mobile app development in India, have also followed this to create similar apps. Some have been successful and many still unsuccessful.

Back to what the challenge was, the team had to cross the technical warnings that were put before the users. The alerts would come up when the app tried to access any of the third-party applications. The development team had to come up with creative mobile app development solutions. In this case, the quick cracking of the code was brought about by the VPN technology in Android. With this, the app became much more accessible to a broader range of customers all over the world.

But this was not all. Another barrier came up due to the growth of the primary communications protocol of the Internet. At the same time, many new smartphones were under development and which soon came out in the market. Moreover, many different carriers began to utilize IPv6. But the trouble here was the Android was able to work only on IPv4. Even though this issue stood firmly in front of Opera, the team managed to overcome the problem.

To solve it, they came up with great mobile app development solutions that surmounted the hindrance. They developed a selector switch. With this switch, the users were now able to direct their carrier to utilize IPv6 or IPv4. They could also lead the carrier to know if a hybrid is allowed or not.

Other than this, there were another post mobile application development issues that came in the way again. In the Android devices, when the users reach the data settings, they can see a list of apps. Along with the apps, the users would also get a statement of the amount of data that each of the apps uses. But again, confusion popped up in Android in this case. And it connects the use of other applications that have a path via the VPN to Opera Max.

This is how the users can see the details - the VPN app usage is 1GB data, and the other apps usage is 1MB data. With this, the user would feel that the app is not delivering the promise of saving money on data plans. Though Opera did help save 450 MB data, Android mislabels the usage of Max, showing the complete usage on the smartphone. And due to this, the team again had to come up with great mobility solutions to overcome this hurdle.

The team then jacked into the VPN subsystem code of the Android OS - both Lollipop and KitKat. The dive was made at the Linux level, which helped them in tweaking the system. Further, this got in combination with the OS for each of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Additionally, to make it look better some complementary amendments were put into it.  Using the modified TUN/TAP drivers and the Linux IPtables, this package operates at the Android's gut level.

And the team with the best enterprise mobility solutions was easily able to surpass all the hurdles. During 2015, the competition was high in the market. Even with this, Opera Max hit the market to be one of the top mobile browsers until many others followed. The MD of the company, Lossev was all in amusement at how easy it was for them to connect and partner with the OEMs.

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