How Augmented Reality Can Improve Your App Marketing

In this competitive era of the online marketplace, companies are looking for any way to make their app stand out.

One feature that can separate your app from the rest is augmented reality (AR), as 73% of mobile AR users reported either high or very high satisfaction with mobile AR experiences.

While virtual reality builds an entirely computer-generated environment for the user, AR supplements the real world with computer-generated elements.

Graphics, sounds, and text are overlaid onto the environment to create a composite experience.

Mobility solutions service provider companies use AR because it allows users to interact with their app, immerses audiences, and enhances education.

Benefits of AR in App Marketing-SignitySolutions

AR Allows Users to Be Interactive


As 28% of apps don’t even last a month on a user’s phone before getting deleted, it is important to keep them engaged. One way to do this is to let users actively interact with the app.

Many people shop online to browse products without going to the store and even make purchases. AR builds upon these digital choices by providing personalized experiences.

YouCam Makeup is an app that allows users to virtually try on makeup before purchasing it and without leaving the house. People can see how they would look with top brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline, and Urban Decay. The app uses facial recognition technology to virtually apply makeup.

The ability to try products in person used to be one of the main draws of a brick and mortar store, but now it’s possible through the use of an app.

This gives people access to a wider variety of products at all steps of the purchasing process. Now customers can try products out through AR instead of worrying that their local store doesn’t have an in-store sample.

One of the biggest challenges for app developers to overcome is preventing users from simply downloading the app and then deleting it. When your app uses AR in ways similar to these makeup apps, people start using them not just when fulfilling a need, but to have fun.

Mobile app developers integrate AR as a way to interact with users and give them a better experience.

AR Immerses Audiences


Gamers are always talking about how realistic new games look. What better way to accomplish this realism than using the world around us as the basis of the game?

AR adds a physical aspect to apps, which encourages users to interact with the existing world.

The success of Pokémon Go is rooted in its use of AR. By augmenting the real world, players walking and looking around corresponds to the same movements in the game.

However, AR does more than just get users active. The dynamic experience it creates also forces people to interact with one another, with 90% of Pokémon Go users meeting new people while playing.

The immersive experience created by AR blurs the line between game and reality.

AR Enhances Education


People outside the gaming industry are also reaping the benefits of AR. After witnessing their abilities, educators are starting to use AR extensively.

AR can share information in a more entertaining manner. AR apps can be used to animate historical periods, otherwise impossible to replicate and turn illustrations into 3D images.

The BBC documentary Civilizations sets out to tell the story of how art has helped shape society and the human experience, from the start of history all the way through the present day.

To supplement the program, the BBC also released an app. The app lets users examine 3D models of artistic works and exhibits featured in the series, providing extra details and information about the pieces. Viewers can see them at home, without having to travel to each of the 30 different museums in the show.

Museums are also trying out AR to entice visitors by creating more visually stimulating and interactive exhibits.

Exhibits come to life, letting museum-goers see the inside of a sarcophagus or showing people how a dinosaur would have walked.

All of these exciting features can grab people’s attention and make information more interesting.

Implement AR into Your App


People are constantly searching for new mobile experiences which AR can provide through user interaction, audience immersion, and learning enhancement.

It helps turn the interaction into something fun and can make the separation between game and reality indistinct. AR also presents information in a more dynamic way, which grabs people’s attention and feels more accessible.

To find out how you can include AR in your app, hire outsourcing team of one of the top mobile app development companies.

Emily Clark