Role of Big Data in User Behavior Identification

 Role of Big Data in User Behavior Identification

User behavior identification is the system of monitoring, tracking, collecting, and assessing user data to identify their behavior and traffic pattern. Big data is just an evolved term for large amounts of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data that can be mined for relevant information. The voluminous data then goes through analysis. And used to identify user behaviors at a much larger scale. The digital marketers and big data consulting services use it to determine demands and necessities amongst the crowd. This way big data plays a crucial role in user behavior identification.

How do we collect big data?

Big data analytics companies collect various types of data including user activity, accounts, permissions, digital interactions, user roles, titles, security alerts, geographical locations, and more to determine user behavior: the extensive and varied data collected by capturing first-party cookies, randomly generated IDs for desktops, and an SDK for mobile users. Big data can come from various source including results from scientific experiments, business sales records, or even the streaming data from different sensors. The collected data plays a critical role in understanding user behavior and determining their needs and requirements. Companies use the collected big data to assess the demand in the market. So that they can provide products and services accordingly.

How big data helps user behavior identification?
  1. The E-commerce sector has been primarily impacted and continues to use the big data analytics services to identify their user behavior. The collected data helps them analyze the users entire shopping experience. Such as through product impressions, viewing of product details, product clicks, an addition of products to the cart, initiating the checkout process, transactions, refunds, and more. The e-commerce giants can get a better visual over their products and services that are in demand. Also, this way we can get to highlight those products that go for rejection.
  2. Bigdata allows event tracking to determine actual and enhanced user behavior. Event tracking means independently tracking user interaction through screen load or web-page loads. Generally, the mobility service provider uses these event tracking techniques to analyze how much and what content is being shared, how are the app functions being used, and what type of material is gaining more attention. Events also find use in tracking file downloads, gadget interactions, and more.
  3. Big data consulting services can also help to keep track of the active users. Companies generally like to stay in touch with their customer’s activities and behaviors to ensure continued user interest. It allows companies to remain notified if the numbers are below expectations. As a result, they can reevaluate their marketing efforts and brainstorm new and effective strategies to target the appropriate audience. Companies can also keep a close track over any positive or negative press they might be getting online. They can look for the harmful content and work on the issues to keep their customers happy and satisfied. This brings out a good deal of business automation as well.

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Rohit Madaan