Enterprise Search Application in Data Mining

Explore the world of Enterprise Search Applications in Data Mining – a powerful solution for efficiently navigating vast datasets. Enhance data discovery, streamline information retrieval, and uncover valuable insights with this cutting-edge technology.

 Enterprise Search Application in Data Mining

Enterprise search is the field of making any type of content searchable on an enterprise platform such as the intranet and a database. The word ‘enterprise search software’ is commonly used to explain a software that is utilized for searching a piece of information within an enterprise resource. This type of search is also known as a vertical search.

Understanding: Enterprise Search Software

Enterprise search is quite similar to web search. We know that web search is done on the public platform of the world wide web and is available to all the people. Whereas enterprise search is done on a closed enterprise database or intranet. The access to enterprise resources, in general, is limited to an approved set of employees. Those who are approved for this access can utilize enterprise search for searching through a variety of resources such as files, documents, databases, intranet, email, document management system etc. The type of data within these resources can be both structured and unstructured. Thus, we see it is one of the best examples of search technologies available.

Marrying Enterprise Search and Data Mining

Enterprise search Implementation tools are also used for data mining purposes. As the internet is becoming more advanced, many organizations thrive on it. Their product inventory and their value proposition are based entirely on their electronic data available on the internet. There are academic researchers, patents, legacy intranet repositories, web portals, classifieds, directories, e-commerce websites and much more on the intranet. They amounts to an expansive world of continuously generated content. Good quality of data and, a good search application are of critical importance to these companies. Since, they sit on years of corporate intellectual property stored in a variety of data files and systems. These contents have often come from disparate sources with myriad security schemes and application requirements. The mining of this content is done for big data analytics purposes.

Text Mining and Analytics – A Case of Data Mining Combined with Enterprise Search Software

There are many vendors of enterprise search solutions who understand the importance of data mining in the field of enterprise search. Text analytics or text mining is a ripe opportunity these days for such vendors. The field of computational linguistics has been considering large text documents as a resource that can be tapped for precious information. This can lead to better text analysis algorithms of the future. The text mining technology can also be used for discovering market information and trends.

In a book called ‘Deep Text’, the author and founder of Alta Plana – an IT strategy company, Seth Grimes says that text mining can teach the organizations how to analyze text and mine insights by sifting through information overload. Organizations can mine through social media and complex big data to gain valuable insights into their customer segments, their lifestyle patterns, preferences, purchase patterns etc. by using text mining.

By mixing up enterprise search with data mining, the value of enterprise search is augmented as well. For example, traditionally, text mining is done on static data.  While enterprise search software can be used to index most recent documents in seconds. However, organizations like Attivio and Sinequa are combining both managed search solutions and text mining or text analytics tools to provide a cognitive insight platform. Sinequa is combining its enterprise search technology with advanced data mining and analytical tools like NLP  and others.

Many people find enterprise search software as it is today, cumbersome. Using data mining tools like computational linguistics and machine learning consulting will give it is the efficiency and accuracy it needs. It is especially great with structured data sets like weblogs where it can enable deeper data mining.

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Enterprise search software is ideal for examining large data sets within documents, straight-forward data mining processes, and business intelligence analysis. There are massive opportunities in the joining of data mining and enterprise search implementation. It is assumed by experts that both commercial and open source enterprise search vendors will add data analytics and mining to their enterprise search tools. This helps to develop far more accurate variants of their offerings.

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