Managed Search

Managing the search services needs expertise and team agility to brace the technological innovations. Let signity take care of your search requirements and develop technology to help you increase system efficiency. Our search strategy experts will help you cater a We will create a strategy for you that is reliable, cost-effective and starts from the base and is structured towards your key business goals.


With continuously growing data, your interface needs to grow with continuous evaluation and support in response to the evolving user needs. If you search and big data analytics are a critical part of your strategy and you want your team to focus on your core competencies. Then wait no more and give your organisation a reliable search partener.

Enterprise Search Partner

Effectiveness of the search in your existing system affects the productivity in many aspects. With increase in unstructured content the organisations lose their competitive advantage and get burned out in the process of streamlining the queries. The organisations that have a business driven search strategy are able to make best use of there intellectual capital. Take a look at how signity can help you gain the competitive edge.


Data Synthesis and Population

We take raw feed of data from your existing data sources, files, XML , through API or any available data sources and synthesis this into population ready data. Data import layer validations and speed loading of data is assured with best practices & our expertise in data synthese and data population.


Managed Search Platform

Independent of search platform, we will ensure that data is ready for decision making as soon as it is available. Process of bulk loading, data refresh and selective update/delete is easily & seamlessly handled through managed services offered by us.


Monitoring and Upkeep as Managed Service

Our team of expert DevOps engineer automate complete build, deploy and monitoring process. We take care of horizontal and vertical scalability and ensure 99.9% service uptime. You can focus on business and growth while we make sure that services/data is always available for you & your customers whenever required.

Case Studies

With years of experience in managed search services, Signity has many enterprises in strategic search management. Take a look at how we have helped pur partners transformed.

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