How Much Does It Cost For Custom Website Development From Scratch?

 How Much Does It Cost For Custom Website Development From Scratch?

The search for a custom website development company to build your business website might leave you confused. You get confused especially due to the wide range of rates from different vendors offering custom web development services. So, if you are stuck with the question about how much would it cost you to have a web presence, we are here to help you understand the concept behind it.

And to answer the question - how much it would cost; well, the answer is complicated. The amount a person needs to spend on website development is subjective. In short, there isn’t any blueprint for the cost of developing a website.

Custom Website Development Cost: The Answer is Subjective

Here are some of the main reasons why it isn’t possible to create a single quote for developing a website:

a) No Standard Ground:

Website development is a service that doesn’t have uniformity. Every custom website development company has its own way of creating a website. There are a lot of different programming languages that can be used. In order to get a single outcome, it becomes difficult for the company to provide a standard quote for the website.

b) Planning Complexities:

The planning period can range from a week to more than a year. This depends on what you want on the website; and how long the developer takes to implement it. It also includes the changes you keep making to the website, in case you are unsatisfied.

c) Continuous Time & Work:

People consider websites as products. But they are services since it takes a lot of efforts and time to create them.

d) Distinct Quotes:

Quotes vary from $4000 to $50000 based on the company offering the services along with what you are looking for. It also depends on the team working on it, their expertise, and their location as you may also opt for IT outsourcing services.

Now that you know this, let us look at the parts that make a website and their costs.

Parts of a Website

There are about 20 million websites in the world. And with this data, it is clear almost every business is online. But the first thing that might give you a hint regarding the cost of your website is its type. Let us say that you want a one-page website, while your friend wants an e-commerce website. These two would obviously cost different. And if you think of getting an enterprise website with over a hundred pages, it’s going to cost different again.

Parts of website

But that is not all; many other things make a website, as shared below:

1. Domain Name & Hosting

You need a URL for people to reach your website called the domain name. Let us say that you choose the name XYZ. With this, you would then need to choose what comes after it such as .com, .in, .org, etc. After you have selected this, you would have to register this and pay annual charges for it. In addition to this, there would be maintenance costs as well. With all these, the cost of a website domain can range from $5 to even $10,000.

The next thing is the hosting costs. A host is a server that allows you to keep your website on so that it can be accessible to internet users all over the world. So, based on the features of the website, the hosting can range from being free to more than $100. Moreover, free hosting is not advised since you would not have good tech support then. This, in turn, would reduce the value and quality of your website.

2. Content Management System

Coding is not something everyone can do. And with a website of your own, you would want to add content in it every now and then. This is where the content management systems (CMS) like WordPress come in. Some of them are free while others have monthly subscriptions. The platform you choose will be in accordance to your comfort in using it.

3. Website Design

The next part is designing on the preferred platform (like WordPress, etc.). The costs for design range from $250 to $20,000 based on how you want your website to appear. People usually pick up themes, but they are not impressive and can make you even lose customers. Custom developed websites tend to get more leads for a business. That is why professional entrepreneurs hire a custom web development company to have their websites designed from scratch. 

4. E-commerce Integration

If you are selling products or need a shopping cart on your website, this is something that you would need to spend on. For the products, you would need the product pages that would take time. Moreover, there are many extensive other things that we need to take care of. It includes the payment gateways, location-based technology, and the testing of shopping carts.

5. Database

Most of the website online handles a lot of data, and to store then you would need a database. And the cost of a database is based on the extent and time of the integration. Its average cost is $15,000.

6. Maintenance

Now that you have your website ready, it also needs proper maintenance. This includes keeping all the details properly and running, as well as updating the website. The cost here would depend on your website, your marketing plan, and your budget. It would also depend on the company offering you web development services.

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Wrap Up

With an explanation on every part, you now know that there is no way we can create a single quote for the website development services. Every website has its own parts, aura, and reason to exist. And due to this, each has its own worth just like each business has its own worth. So, if you are looking for custom web development services, keep your mind open for the price. But also remember to hire the right professionals as you do not want to lose money.

In that case, Signity Solutions, a leading custom web, mobile app development company in India can offer you the best price range keeping in mind your requirement and budget. Contact our expert custom web developers to know more!

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