Which CRM to Choose for your Business? Zoho vs. Salesforce

November 13, 2018

If you are running a business, be it big or small, you must have come across the term CRM. Business and CRM go hand in hand as CRMs constitute the backbone of the data storage and backup. Customer Relationship management software, as the term goes, helps a business enterprise to grow and build a better business striving relationship. This is a lot responsible for strengthening and enhancing the goodwill between you and your customers.

Cloud CRM solutions play a very crucial role when it comes to achieving a better benevolence source. Typically known is the fact that a better customer relationship assists any business in jumping leagues without any hassle. Alongside, electing the right CRM is the key aspect. Your business needs the appropriate and fundamental support system that matches its needs in the desired direction. So, if you are in the dilemma of choosing the final pick for your CRM concern, this article will help you reach out to a conclusion.

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Why choosing the most suitable CRM is important?

Choosing the right software development company to get the CRM support is quintessential. It is one of the few important business tools that can affect your business in a whole lot diverse manner. With the term CRM, the first thing that pops out is the name of Salesforce. Salesforce is a well-known CRM and is trusted by many but it is not the only option when it comes to professional services. There are several alternatives to Salesforce such as, SugarCRM, Infusionsoft, Microsoft Dynamics and many other brands that are growing at a promising rate.

One among the most favored is Zoho CRM solutions. This is in the run for the lead for a while now. Zoho CRM solutions are proficient enough to gain a nice spot in your wish list. But is it the better choice which you must consider over Salesforce integration? This is something that you have to determine. You will, therefore, definitely come up with an answer by the end of this article, to this. We are going to compare the two top guns when it comes to selecting the best cloud CRM solutions.

Zoho Vs Salesforce: A comparison between two of the best cloud CRM Solutions

We must lay aground on what points we are going to judge these two. As these are software that is used to handle a huge amount of data and user effectiveness, we will be judging these on the basis of how their pricing and how effective are they storing and backing up the data information whenever it is required. But first lets us dig run a company’s background check.

1. Company Background

Salesforce, with help from its highly reliable and effective PR and marketing team, is considered as the market leaders. The company was founded back in 1999 and are well known as the first SaaS (software as a service) vendors. With clients such as Coca-Cola and the American Red Cross, Salesforce is a force to reckon with.

Whereas, Zoho, a company which is a head to head rival with Google Docs. After gaining huge success with their Zoho Docs software, Zoho Developers & creators decided to jump into the field of CRM software. With a valiant effort, they were able to make nice and efficient CRM software. The software became popular in a nick of time due to its simplicity and attractive pricing.

2. Pricing and Features

When it comes to features, Zoho lacks the spark as Salesforce consulting services come with a complete package of features. Although, Salesforce has their price plans set up a lot more expensive than Zoho. Zoho offers monthly billing, unlike an annual subscription scheme which Salesforce work upon. The two are far apart in terms of pricing because of Zoho being about 90% cheaper than Salesforce.

3. Database Management

This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to comparing the CRM giants. This aspect refers to the concept of how much effective and deep the database can be dug by the software.

With Zoho consulting partners, you can get the information from various platforms easily. It has an in-built highly optimized CRM features. With this, you can easily pull information from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other third-party applications.

Salesforce integration offers you a deeper database with a wide variety of customer information like recent activities, search history etc. It covers a larger amount of data results when compared to Zoho consultants.

Pros and Cons

Apart from these In-depth details here are some Pros and Cons collecting key points as of how these two CRM Software stack up to each other.

Zoho CRM services


Its free version allows the data usage up to 3 users.
Simple and User-friendly start-up procedure.
It includes much-needed marketing and service tools.


Free plans do not offer much functionality
The software contains some third-party assimilation.

Salesforce CRM services


The leader in the field of CRM software and services.
Storage facility of data and customer information is unparalleled and brilliantly optimized.
The software carries an easy to use Interface.


A large variety of features leading to a complete confusion for a new user.
Training mode of the software is not very effective.

Zoho or Salesforce: What’s best for you?

When it comes down to choosing the right CRM solutions for your company, the first and foremost focus should be towards the budget, workflow, and needs of your business. If you are new to CRM and want an easy to use cloud CRM solution then, the best pick for you is Zoho. They offer very attractive pricing and are a lot cheaper than Salesforce.

In case you have very heavy usage and need advanced CRM software with loads of features, Salesforce is the better option for you. But Zoho is not that far behind. It offers enough features to assist you with your CRM needs.

As everyone is not a pro in technology thus having easy-to-use CRM software is nothing less than a blessing. Thus, with all the due points and a bird’s eye comparison, we come up to the final verdict. Zoho implementation partner is a better choice over the Salesforce unless you are looking for a ton of complicated features.

Priyanka Mehra

Priyanka Mehra

Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist at Signity Solutions
Being an online marketer, she loves to learn, explore and implement new marketing strategies.She is insightful when it comes to marketing challenges, trends, and growth hacking.
Priyanka Mehra

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