Leverage E-commerce Chatbot to Boost your Sales

February 12, 2019


Behind every e-commerce website, there is a sophisticated line of processes, such as promotions, payments, tech support, customer service, logistics, and market research. E-commerce businesses have to address two main tasks – Catering Millennial preferences while keeping their eyes on the bottom line.

24/7 chatbot support systems are becoming a positive feature for shopping websites. AI Sales Chatbots are predicted to tackle 85% of customer service interactions by the year 2020, Gartner predicts.

There are many organizations that have incorporated sales bot in their customer support storefronts. Example: Nike StyleBot has brought in a unique Nike ID platform on Facebook Messenger through an AI e-commerce chatbot. With it, customers can design their shoe or can browse the previously uploaded versions for references. The capability to mix and match the styles can help in creating their styles and can share with friends through the conversational platform of Facebook Messenger. By the end of the campaign, they found out the average CTR was 12.5 times higher than their older platforms. With a 4 time higher conversion rate than of the brand average.

Benefits of leveraging AI Chatbots  


“You don’t know, and you cannot understand unless you’ve asked the customer some questions. Conversations reveal in-depth insights beyond analysis.”

E-commerce Chatbot if appropriately deployed on your system can take the pressure off the customer service team. Even, a chatbot system doesn’t complain, requires a holiday, or demands for overtime for its services. And AI Chatbot can deliver services that can exceed the potential of a human, and because of such capabilities have become essential for the success of an e-commerce store. So, it is not just about the holiday season; chatbots are critical in maintaining a competitive edge during cut-throat competition.

Additionally, chatbot development services can increase the quality of your customer interactions. A chatbot can continuously and instantly look for information from the records. And several chatbots can go beyond your records to pull information from different social media channels if required. This result in enhanced user experience with highly customized real-time responses.

Below are some more ways in which building chatbots allow e-commerce businesses to boost sales.

Ecommerce Chatbots in Boosting Business

1. E-commerce bots are Cost effective


A chatbot can efficiently handle the customer services of your store without additional expenses. According to a study, chatbot can replace 29% of the amount spent on customer service representatives, and this can save billions annually.

Also, chatbot can automate processes, effectively solves client’s queries and maintains records of previous conversations as well. All of these tasks can be done at little costs too. Compare replacing customer support telephone lines and the representatives behind it with the latest technology and guaranteed excellent user expertise.

Moreover, It is important to note that today customer service on the social media platform is not an option anymore. But It is an essential store-level requirement. Chatbots can help you capture customer attention by offering more opportunities and helping them instantly by resolving the issues.

2. Offering personalized customer service


The ultimate goal of an e-commerce store should be enhancing the convenience of the customers. In this competitive market, small and startup e-commerce stores struggle to succeed, customer satisfaction means everything for their business.

One of the most crucial factors of customer satisfaction is personalization. This means the customer is understood and cherished; a customer service chatbot can record previous conversations and interaction benefiting the customers from not repeating their issues again and again. At the same time, customer care chatbot can learn from past situations and improve the response time making them more personalized.

3. Up-selling and Cross-selling


E-commerce businesses have the advantage of 24/7 communication with their visitors. AI sales chatbot can serve multiple uses – offering assistance with basic queries, complaints, and up-selling & cross-selling products. The latter is a crucial way for online shopping websites to leverage their chatbots into boosting their revenues.

When a customer arrives at a shopping site in search of a particular product, sales bot can up-sell the models with enhanced features. They can also cross-sell similar products to influence a bigger purchase. These recommendations can help in pre-set product matches based on specifications given by the customers.

4. E-commerce Chatbots can help prevent cart abandonment


E-commerce businesses deal with shopping cart abandonment a lot. Wherein the customers select the products, add them to their cart, but leave the website without completing their purchase. There are a lot of reasons that can dissuade potential customers from making a payment. These can be – uncertainty about the website, dicey about prices, not trusting the product itself, or all. But we can certainly avoid such situations by developing e-commerce chatbot that can step in to help customers finalize their purchases.

Best chatbots are the ones who can come up with relevant questions for customers who are dicey about completing their orders. Chatbots can assist customers by finding suitable products, answer their questions about delivery, and offer incentives or high discounts to encourage the customers to make the purchase.


At Signity, we have explored how AI chatbots can fully unleash online sale conversions. Our IT outsourcing services help you develop your personalized e-commerce chatbot that can easily upscale your customer experience. Develop and deploy Industry specific chatbots that aim at solving real business challenges. Hire the best chatbot developers today and tell them about your requirements or problems, and we will get back to you with a personalized solution.

Priyanka Mehra

Priyanka Mehra

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Being an online marketer, she loves to learn, explore and implement new marketing strategies.She is insightful when it comes to marketing challenges, trends, and growth hacking.
Priyanka Mehra

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