How to decide if Your Small Business Needs an App Development?

Ever since the inception of Mobile Apps, the way business was done has changed completely in a very prolific manner. It’s hard to not have a mobile app in this very competitive market. Having said that, there still are businesses that are working fine without going the “App-Way”


A new introduction to your already running business can be a blessing if it goes right, but it could well be a disaster if not managed properly. It requires a careful analysis and few answers to solve this riddle.

Do I really need it?

This is the most important question when thinking about having or not a Mobile App for your business. Just because you are a small or mid-sized company, you might be reluctant from having an app, thinking that only large brands can have one. But apart from what you think, there is a significant increase in the number of SMEs adopting small business app development.

Still, do you really need it? You’ll only get the answer by answering some more questions that are raised in this article.

My Competitors have it or not?

Unless you are engaged in something completely unique, you are bound to have competitors. Now if you have competitors, you must know whether they have a Mobile App for their business or they are doing well without it.

If your competitors have it and they are doing well with it, it gets even more necessary for you to have an App for your business as well. By not doing so, you might put yourself in a technologically backward situation. But if the competitors don’t have one then you might consider introducing it only after answering the remaining questions.

What are my Business Goals?

Identify the ultimate goals of your business. Different businessmen have a different objective when it comes to doing business. A few Business Goals are below.

  • Revenue and only revenue.
  • Enormous Productivity.
  • Employee First.
  • Customer First.
  • Brand Publicity.

Only after determining your true business goal, you can be very clear if you need small business app development. However, if it revolves around the aforesaid goals then having a Mobile App for your business could well solve your purpose very efficiently.

How my Customers are?

You know your customers better than the customers know themselves. The needs and desires of every single customer are distinct. Having said that, there still are desires that can be found in most of the customers-

  • Service Oriented.
  • Quality Lovers.
  • Price Driven Customers.
  • Attention Seeking Customers.

Small business app development for your product & services can help you manage all these tedious requirements very easily and effectively. It can keep the customer notified with all the services offered by your business. Services like placing an order, delivering an order, making payments, replacement requests, promotional offers etc., can be very easily provided to the customers.

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Cost Involved

Even after digging into all the above questions, this one question needs to be answered under any circumstance. How much does it cost me? Does it suit my Pocket? Well, we have this sorted below.

Even after digging into all the above questions, this one question needs to be answered under any circumstance. How much does it cost me? Does it suit my Pocket? Well, we have this sorted below.

  • Getting small business app development by company to build your app can cost from $10,000 to $60,000 for a small to medium sized app. The range is so vast because it will depend on the complexity of the app, the functionalities you look for, the number of screens, the customizations, type, etc.
  • Getting an app developed and designed from a freelancer along with the changes, edits, and rest of the tasks can cost up to $5000-$10000 – quality and process remain dicey here.
  • Getting an app developed and designed by an app builder or an app maker by yourself can cost up to $6000-$7000 on an average, but again, the limitation of customizations, scalability and technical know-how could hold you back.
  • Getting an app developed from a Product-based solution provider can cost from $3000-$8000 along with all the customizations you need, aligned processes, required experience, and technical support and onboarding.


Mobile App is a magical solution that offers convenience, super fast service, keeps the customer engaged, ease of use, there are so many jaw-dropping services that might tempt you to go for it immediately. However, before you hop into the “App-Way”, have judicious answers to the above questions and take a productive and sensible decision.

For any further queries about mobile app technology, integration, custom solutions or anything else, just drop us a line at and we’d be happy to help!

 Mangesh Gothankar

Mangesh Gothankar