How to improve Customer Retention using Enterprise Search?

June 7, 2018

How can Enterprises improve Client Retention?

According to Zendeskmore than 95% of users take action after a bad experience with a business. Of this 95 %, 85% went ahead and warned others about having a bad experience with the brand as well.

No business wants to lose customers. But you cannot always retain and win over every customer that comes to your business. However, with well-planned strategies, you can make sure most of the customers that visit your business are retained.

Now the question is – how to plan those retention strategies? This is exactly what we are going go to discuss as part of this post. So, let us take a look –

Unexpected displays of appreciation

Who does like getting appreciated? We all do.

One of the first things that you can do in order to boost customer retention using enterprise search is to reward them in an unexpected manner.

For instance, you can start by creating a customer life-cycle and setting up milestones in that life-cycle. Whenever a customer passes a certain milestone shower them with some reward. This simple step can show the customer how much you value their loyalty and they will not look towards a move to any of your competitors.

Make your presence felt

Researches show that customers feel brands are not putting as much effort as they need to into providing efficient customer service. This is one of the major reasons that they look to switch brands.

If you are also one such business, then one of the first steps you can take in order to get the customers to know you are there for them is by making your presence felt across the platforms where your customers are present and talking. This could be any forum, a social media channel or an online community – you need to make sure that the customer gets heard, and this will easily help you win their loyalty.

Time-limited promotions

One of the time-tested strategies that have always worked to win the customers over has been time-limited promotions. While many businesses look at this as just a means to boost the conversion rate, but numbers show that this gimmick works quite well to keep the customers coming back for more.

If a customer gets a good deal or a discount once, he or she will definitely return to check out for the same before making their next purchase. This is human psychology. Therefore, if you are able to understand this psychology you can eventually create campaigns that can help you keep the maximum number of customers coming back to your business.

Over-promising: A big NO!

It is quite common for businesses to agree to everything that the customer says in order to retain them. However, they seldom realize that in this process they end up making false promises and fake claims.

If you too are doing this, then it is time to part ways with it.

Over-promising can put your business in a bad light when you fail to deliver on what you promised. Instead, it is always a wise choice to promise what you can deliver and stay true to your customers. After all, loyalty is built on trust and in order to win that trust, you must fulfill what you promised to your customer.

Build a loyal community            

Community building has become a staple in the marketing field. A business that fails to build a community can only dream of succeeding at whatever they are doing.

Another aspect of community building, other than marketing your product, is that it helps you build customer loyalty. A brand with a huge following on the web is surely going to entice the customer and can serve as the social proof.

So, you need to take actions towards building a community, and this could work as your biggest asset to increase customer retention.

As you can see, customer retention using enterprise search does not require any rocket science. All you need to do is to understand some basic of customer psychology and things can work out pretty well for your business.

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