99.9% Robust ‘Mobile App Development Technologies’ to Follow in 2020

 99.9% Robust ‘Mobile App Development Technologies’ to Follow in 2020

Mobile app development technologies decide the app’s success. 

Also, did you know that only 1% of mobile apps succeed? The reason is the inappropriate selection of technologies for creating mobile apps. Besides, considering the demand for mobile apps in the current scenario (that is pretty huge)– one can’t go wrong in choosing the apt technology. 

Take a look at the trends below: 

Number of mobile app downloads worldwide from 2014 to 2023 by region (in billions). 

Now, see which cross-platform frameworks are chosen for developing mobile apps

Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide in 2019 and 2020

Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide

The demand for both mobile apps and good technology is on the rise. 

After all, everyone is after building those incredible, jaw-dropping, and out-of-the-box mobile apps that really capture the attention of the user – it is just one thing!

The other is executing the (mobile app idea) impeccably without much hassle. Be it the startups or the full-fledged enterprises – everyone is building apps. But why just only 1% make it to the last level?

Well, mobile app development is simple; it is tough to execute it without any hindrance. 

Users are already addicted by mobile apps – but is your mobile app efficient enough to make it look lucrative to them? Well, that is decided by the – innovative features, flawless functionalities, and impeccable design. 

You will have to pick the mobile app development technologies wisely. 

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Robust ‘Mobile App Development Technologies’ that makes Mobile Development Easy in 2020

Wondering which technology works best for mobile app development in 2020? Your technology is right here – all you need to focus on is the needs, objectives, and purpose of your app. 

Best Mobile App Development Technologies for Mobile App Development (2020 and ahead)

  1. React Native
  2. Flutter
  3. Apache Cordova
  4. Ionic
  5. Xamarin
  6. Swiftic
  7. Corona
  8. Kotlin
  9. Native Scripts
  10. Sencha

1. React Native

The reason to invest in this one of the best mobile app development technologies is that Facebook created it. 

This technology has made mobile app development more comfortable, quicker, and easier. 

React Native has attained a new market – where it delivers user-friendly UI/UX designing features. It will help you in delivering quick and unique apps – credit goes to the dynamic code updates- which push updates to different devices without needing the application release. 

Besides, the development time is shorter as compared to other mobile app development technologies. 

This technology is used by some top brands, including Skype, Walmart, Myntra, Tesla, Discovery, and Airbnb. 

Features of React Native:

  1. Allows code reuse 
  2. Reusable components
  3. Hot reloads button
  4. Simper user interface 
  5. Quick performance
  6. Cross-platform services
  7. Strong community support 

2. Flutter

A UI toolkit that is backed up ‘Google,’ which allows the developer to develop native apps for different platforms, including the web, desktop, and mobile. 

Flutter is supported by customized widgets, allowing native app development in a short span – it even has a layered architecture that allows quicker rendering of the components. 

There are several reasons why anyone must go for this technology to build mobile apps. 

Flutter allows for the same UI and business logic for all platforms. Besides, the ‘hot reload’ feature of Flutter allows building apps within the minimum time, allowing quicker app development for your end-users. 

This, one of the most reliable mobile app development technologies, even has the capacity to create customized and animated UI, beating all sorts of complexities that might become a hindrance in the mobile app development process. 

Features of Flutter:

  1. Faster code development
  2. Increased time to make speed
  3. Separate rendering engine
  4. Minimum risk/hindrance for your business
  5. Doesn’t rely on platform-specific UI components
  6. Built-in material design
  7. Rich motion APIs
  8. Robust Widget support
  9. High-performance app development 

3. Apache Cordova

Formerly called ‘PhoneGap,’ this is yet another trending mobile app development technology that can be relied on for mobile app development in 2020 and ahead. 

Created by Nitobi, it is an open-source for mobile app development, enabling programmers to develop hybrid web apps for mobile devices. 

It utilized HTML5, JS, and CSS3 for developing high-end mobile apps for different devices and platforms. Apache Cordova doesn’t rely on platform-specific APIs like those in Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. 

The high-end features and advanced technology usage in Apache Cordova allow quicker and better development. Apache Cordova allows quick mobile application development that runs seamlessly on all devices and platforms.

 Features of Apache Cordova:

  1. Target all platforms – Android, iOS, Windows
  2. Saves development cost and time
  3. Support of community 
  4. Offers layers of interface for programmers
  5. Follows a plugin architecture
  6. Easy to work with additional frameworks, if needed
  7. Excellent for business growth 

4. Ionic

It is amongst the best mobile app development technologies that developers love to rely on. 

An open-source technology for mobile app development that offers premium services for developing applications. Ionic builds apps for different platforms, including Android, iOS, and web. 

This mobile app development technology allows quick creation, shipping, and deployment of high-end apps. Ionic apps are built using JS, CSS, and HTML – allowing quick and seamless handling of UI interactions of apps, which focuses on impeccable designs and displays. 

It offers a dark and light theme for mobile apps, satisfying the different needs of different end-users. 

Features of Ionic:

  1. Mobile components
  2. Typography
  3. Interactive paradigms
  4. Extensible base theme
  5. Interactive UI components
  6. Quicker development time
  7. Robust platform for mobile app development
  8. Extraordinary control over app building

5. Xamarin 

Counted amongst one of the top mobile app development technologies, it is perfect for your mobile app development – as it was introduced by the highly trustable brand called ‘Microsoft.’

A cross-platform, open-source that is highly chosen by developers nowadays, and especially in 2020. It is number four when we speak of trending platforms chosen for mobile app development. 

Xamarin is a .Net developer technology that has various effective tools, libraries, and programming languages. 

You will even get constant support from an active community for tvOS, watchOS, iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows

Features of Xamarin:

  1. Native platform integration for iOS and Android
  2. Diagnostic Tools
  3. Various code signing 
  4. Application Loader
  5. Gaming
  6. Customer Controls
  7. Visual Studio Integration
  8. Google Emulator Manager
  9. Robust Community of 60000 contributors
  10. Android SDK Manager 

6. Swiftic 

Another mobile app development technology that developers are highly reliant on in 2020 is Swiftic. 

Counted as one of the most reliable frameworks in the iOS platforms. 

It is one of those technologies for mobile development that features an easily navigable interface. 

Developers find it easy to rely on this technology, for it is a convenient option for developing mobile app development. 

Swiftic even offers a monthly success guarantee scheme. 

This unique mobile app development platform allows super quick and easy customization and creation of mobile apps and websites. 

Swiftic allows easy mobile app development, hence saving development costs and time. 

Besides, there are tons of customization options along with advanced features like in-app coupons and innovative marketing tools for the utmost mobile app development. 

Features of Swiftic: 

  1. Builds a mobile store
  2. Innovative push notifications
  3. In-app coupons
  4. Easy communication
  5. Social and Media feeds
  6. Advanced analytics
  7. Third-party integration

7. Corona

A cross-platform and open-source for developing some top-notch mobile apps for better business. 

The app development market knows it as a ‘2D game engine.’ Corona develops apps for both mobile and desktop and seamlessly supports Amazon Fire, iPhone, iPad, Mac Desktop, Windows, Android, and many other devices and platforms. 

You can use Corona to develop apps that are highly compatible with Android TV, Apple TV, and Fire TV. 

Corona has the efficiency to develop high-end mobile apps that lead to better business and productivity. 

Features of Corona: 

  1. Multiple plugins available for all app development needs
  2. Quicker development process
  3. Lua-based platform for developing a lightweight yet robust scripting language
  4. Streamlined for stability and performance
  5. Update code and save changes instantly

8. Kotlin

Kotlin is one of the most reliable mobile app development technologies, which is said to be the advanced version of Java. 

Java is obsolete, and Kotlin is a modern solution to that obsolete technology. 

Kotlin is known to have impacted other programming languages, including Groovy, Java, Scala, and Gosu. 

Some highly known apps that are written using Kotlin are – Evernote, Pinterest, Trello, and Coursera. 

Besides being a cross-platform for mobile development, it is one of the most chosen mobile app development technologies by developers. 

Features of Kotlin: 

  1. Seamless integration with the existing codebase
  2. Business logic can be easily reused
  3. Unified interoperability with platform-specific code
  4. No usual overhead
  5. Less coding required 
  6. Ease of learning is highly appreciated by developers
  7. Safe mobile app development 

9. Native Scripts

An open-source technology for creating native mobile apps using – TypeScript, JS, Vue.JS, Angular, and CSS. 

Why choose Native Scripts? It leads to lesser coding time, and loading is seamless on different systems. 

The robust platform allows quick and timely mobile app development, leading to affordable development costs and time. 

This technology is involved in making apps that use the specific operating system, including Google Play and the App Store. 

For developing apps for Android it requires languages like Kotlin and Java. And for iOS, it has to rely on programming languages like Swift and Objective-C. 

The main reason why developers opt for this technology is that they have multiple benefits to experience with Native Scripts. 

Features of Native Apps: 

  1. High-performing app development 
  2. More secure and highly reliable
  3. Interactive and innovative
  4. Smooth UI
  5. Lesser bugs during mobile app development
  6. Offers ultimate user experience 
  7. Robust backend support system
  8. Full and direct access to iOS and Android APIs
  9. Cross-platform app development 
  10. Constant and strong business support 

10. Sencha 

Sencha is one of those popular mobile app development technologies that developers love to rely on. 

It is a perfect platform to develop data-intensive apps for the mobile and web as well. 

Since it is a cross-platform app development technology, there is no chance that you need to worry about apps built with Sencha working on multiple devices and platforms. 

The best part is that it has more than 115 pre-integrated components, allowing apps built with this technology to perform extremely well. 

A few components to enjoy with Sencha are trees, a D3 adapter, menus, forms, toolbar, windows, pivot grids, an HTML5 calendar, and much more. 

Sencha incorporates hundreds of user extensions to enjoy when developing mobile apps for the business. 

Features of Sencha: 

  1. Easily manage millions of data and files
  2. Robust analytics to enjoy
  3. Visual data representation
  4. Easy data management 
  5. High responsiveness and speed 
  6. Quick and high-performing app development 

The Takeaway Message 

Well, there are tons of technologies to choose from for your mobile app development in 2020. Just keep in mind the objective, purpose, need, and budget of your app before finalizing any of these famous mobile app development technologies in 2020 and the coming years. 

Every mobile app development technology has its own benefits and features to offer; it purely depends on your need – which one to choose. 

Understand every technology – all the ins and outs – before making it your choice. These are the 99.9% robust mobile app development technologies that you must follow in 2020 and in the years coming ahead.

 Amit Dua

Amit Dua

Amit is the Co-Founder of Signity Solutions – a technology platform with the vision of delivering high quality, scalable and highly reliable solutions/services in the space of digital enablement, spanning across mobile apps, web & social media presence along with enterprise productivity solutions/integrations.