First Independent Mobile-Based Racing Platform

First Independent Mobile-Based Racing Platform

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First Independent Mobile Based Racing Platform

Our expert team developed the first independent mobile-based racing platform with numerous circuits for car racing sports activities. This platform provides unique and state-of-the-art facilities to racing enthusiasts where they can record their laps, organize a track, and invite friends and peers to participate in the tracks with social sharing, live feeds, and many more.

Concept of Car Racing

Auto racing is among the most popular sports in the world. Elite racing series, such as Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar, and the World Endurance Championship(WEC), attract international fan bases, year-round media coverage, and billions of dollars in sponsorships, promotion, and industry investment.

About the Platform

The platform brings novelty to racing enthusiasts. This platform enables racing enthusiasts to add their cars, record their race during the laps, create track-related events, invite other users to the racing event, and share their laps on social media. The platform also offers a messaging facility and view lap and curve-related analytics. However, creating events and inviting other friends to events may not be free. They have to pay to leverage these facilities.

Features of this Mobile-Based Racing Platform

User Type: Consumer (Android & iOS app)

High-Level Modules Sub-Modules
Splash Screen Overview of the app (3-4 screens)
Registration Email, Password, Facebook Login, Google Login, Forgot Password
Home Page Home Icon, Feed Icon, PT Icon, Performance Icon, Track Buddy Icons, Friends Online List, News (including lap videos)
Feed List of Lap Recording, Like, Share, Comment, Best Lap & Current Lap Time Stamps, Recordings, Caution Slides, View in Landscape Mode, Best Lap Time, Current Lap Time, Speed, Steering, Throttle, Brake Information, Lap Map, Driver Video Window
Profile Profile Image, Email, Phone, Password, Edit, My Post, Analytics, Garage, Friends, List & Grid View
Garage Car Info, Select Car, Add a New Car, Add Car Manufacturer Logo, Car Model Details, Upload Car Image, Save Car
Racing Track Info Track Photo, Place Temperature, Track Image, Track Map Layout, Other Track Info, Fastest Pilots in the Track Info
News Lap Recording of Various Users, Lap Recording of Friends
Performance Performance Records on Different Tracks, Show Records on yearly basis, All Laps, Share and Post Video
Post Video Select Video, Edit Location, Preview, Add Description, Driving Mode, Fastest Lap, Current Lap, Start, Video Recording, Lap Curve & Analytics, Lap Recording, Lap Map with Car Positioning
OBD Connect OBD with Bluetooth, Recording Settings, Vehicle Information, Tires Information, Location Information, Camera Selection, Lap Time Activation, Timer, Fastest Lap Time, Previous Lap Info, Stop, Current Lap Time Ongoing
Track Buddy Messages from Friends, Search Friend, Track Day, Upcoming Events, Invitations, Organize Track Day, Track Day Title, Choose Track, Invite Friends, Enter Message, Calendar, Choose Car, Overview, Notifications


User Type: Admin (Web Panel)

High-Level Modules Sub-Modules
Login Email, Password, Forgot Password, Enter New Password, Confirm Password
Dashboard To Be Determined (TBD)
User List Name, Email, Mobile, Status (Active/Inactive), Action (Add/Edit/Delete)
Car Info TBD
Lap Info TBD
Posts TBD
Events Created TBD
Add Tracks Track Name, Track City & Country, Track Image


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