Unleashing UiPath’s Test Suite for Seamless Automation Testing

Explore a technical journey where UiPath's Test Suite automates mobility management processes, ensuring precision, and drastically reducing turnaround time.

UiPath Automation Testing

In the realm of modern businesses, resilient technology begets resilient enterprises. UiPath’s Test Suite emerges as the knight in shining armor, addressing the challenges that often afflict manual software testing. This tightly integrated bundle of continuous delivery automation testing tools doesn’t just enhance speed; it boosts effectiveness and coverage, ensuring robust software quality assurance.

Automating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Precision

Automation testing stands as the guardian of every Robotic Process Automation (RPA) process, ensuring its quality before it goes live. By leveraging UiPath’s Test Suite, development teams can launch high-quality software and resilient robots without testing their patience. This seamless integration of the world’s leading RPA technology with top-notch testing practices empowers developers to proactively identify and rectify underlying issues, ensuring a flawless user experience.

The Client: Navigating Relocations with Expertise

Our client, a seasoned mobility management business with over 50 years of experience, specializes in facilitating employee relocations for various companies. Their meticulous approach to managing these transitions earned them respect in the industry. However, their latest venture, CoPilot, required a revolutionary touch to streamline the relocation process.

The Challenge: Eradicating Manual Testing Hassles

During CoPilot’s development, an array of test cases demanded meticulous scrutiny. Multiple Quality Analysts painstakingly verified these cases, leading to cumbersome manual processes, delayed operations, dissatisfied customers, and potential business losses. Our client envisioned a solution: an automated bot that could efficiently analyze requirements, verify test cases, and update their status seamlessly.

Our Solution: Enter the Unattended Bots

Enter Signity Solutions, armed with a team of RPA experts. We partnered with our client to expedite CoPilot’s development. After a deep dive into the existing processes, we devised an innovative solution: Three unattended bots meticulously crafted to validate and update test cases, all with zero human intervention. Within three weeks of project initiation, these bots were trained, built, and deployed.

Bot 1: Verifying Development and Staging Environments

This bot meticulously verified test cases in development and staging environments, covering critical aspects like the login/signup pages, landing pages, and various service sections. With over 250 test cases validated, this bot ensured the seamless functioning of essential features.

Bot 2: Validating Production Environment

Post-updates in the client’s database, the second bot swung into action. It cross-verified the test cases in the production environment, ensuring a bug-free experience for end-users. Covering 200+ test cases, this bot scrutinized every detail, guaranteeing a flawless transition from development to production.

Bot 3: Pricing Validation in "Move Your Belongings" Vertical

The third bot focused on pricing accuracy in the “Move Your Belongings” section. By randomly selecting cities, residence types, and other parameters, it meticulously compared the prices shown to customers with the client’s database. This ensured transparency and reliability in service costs, which is vital for customer satisfaction.

The Impact: Transformative Results

  • 100% Accuracy in Operations: The RPA solution delivered impeccable accuracy, reducing manual testing time and allowing teams to focus on strategic tasks.

  • 99% Reduction in Turnaround Time: Tasks that once took weeks or months for humans were accomplished within an hour, streamlining operations significantly.

  • Non-Invasive Implementation: The bots seamlessly executed test cases without the need for complex API integrations, simplifying the entire process.

Experience Hassle-Free Testing with Automation Solutions

Simplify Workflows, Detect Bugs Faster, and Deliver Superior Software. Embrace Automation Testing for Reliable Results!


In the realm of CoPilot, Signity Solutions, in synergy with UiPath’s Test Suite, didn’t just streamline operations; they ushered in a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. The story of CoPilot’s transformation stands as a testament to the power of automation and strategic innovation. As businesses evolve, the key lies in embracing technology that not only resolves challenges but transforms them into opportunities. UiPath’s Test Suite and Signity Solutions did just that, crafting a success story worth celebrating.

 Shailza Kaushal

Shailza Kaushal

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