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Agile Software Development – Why are Developers Adoring it?

Project management is difficult. It consumes efforts, time, cost, and tons of tools and technologies to deliver a product that contents the customers. There’s rarely a development process that scrutinizes performance at every level. Or, there is? Agile software development seems

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Enterprise Application Software-SignitySolutions

Defining ERP Implementation Road Map

At Signity Solutions, we comprehend the importance of choosing the right ERP system software. It, indeed, is a time-consuming process – also when it is implemented, it can be pretty intimidating. ERP aka Enterprise Resource Planning solutions transfigures companies by

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Link Building - signity

Link Building: The Ins & Outs

Link building is always an interesting topic of conversation.  Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to link building strategies. For some people, link building must be avoided at all costs and for others, it is the ultimate solution

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remote software development team - signity

Hire & Manage ‘Remote Software Development Team’ Like A Pro

How to hire remote software developers? That’s what every software development company is finding answers for. There will be a lot of advice coming from different people, however, no one really knows what exactly will suit their business’s requirements. However,

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Why is Outsourcing Vital for Startup Product Development?

The world has survived COVID-19, however, businesses are still facing the consequences of the pandemic and learning to survive and sustain during this crisis. But, how exactly are businesses being affected? Constant disruption in the supply chains Unavailability of the

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machine learning in app development

Machine Learning in Mobile App Development – How Effective?

Machine Learning in mobile app development has transformed the outcomes, i.e., the mobile apps – some incredible transformation has been witnessed in the past few years. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), together develop intelligent and highly smart solutions,

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outsource mobile app development - signity solutions

How to Outsource Mobile App Development in 2021?

8.93 million – That’s the total number of mobile apps in the entire world. Isn’t that pretty massive? The mobile development market is on the rise, it seems. Just look at the trends alone for apps available in the App

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mobile app development market - signity

Global Mobile App Development Market – How is it Behaving Currently?

The global mobile app development market is growing gigantic, and the expected growth rate is 497.09 billion during 2020-2024. The impact of COVID-19 is significant in this massive growth of the mobile app development industry. With such colossal evolution in

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Detailed Process of Outsourcing A Software Development Company

Welcome to the world of digitization! A cost-effective, efficient, and novel software: that’s what is required in 2020. Software outsourcing has been ‘In’ for a while now, as the modern issues demand modern solutions. ‘You get what you pay for’ –

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99.9% Robust ‘Mobile App Development Technologies’ to Follow in 2020

Mobile app development technologies decide the app’s success.  Also, did you know that only 1% of mobile apps succeed? The reason is the inappropriate selection of technologies for creating mobile apps. Besides, considering the demand for mobile apps in the

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