How AI Is Getting Groundbreaking Changes In Talent Management And HR Tech

How AI Is Getting Groundbreaking Changes In Talent Management And HR Tech

In the past ten years, the world of recruitment and Human Resource has changed a lot. Shaped by several different and mostly technological factors, the HR department has drastically transformed from sorting resume papers manually to imbibing technology in the

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4 Steps to Create a Job Portal Website to Stay Ahead of your Competition

Each year, millions of college pass-outs who don’t get selected in the campus placements start searching for jobs with so much at stake. Some aspirants opt for the conventional walk-ins, whereas, some opt for an online search. As we all

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Customer Research in Mobile App Development

What Role does Customer Research plays in Successful Mobile App Development?

Without the vital information that customer research provides, your chances of making a successful mobile app are almost zilch. According to Statista’s latest report, there are 2.7 billion smartphone and 1.35 billion tablet users worldwide. Moreover, with over 2.2 million apps

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artificial intelligence applications - Signity Solutions

Artificial Intelligence Applications: Retail Use Cases

As we all know, humans are considered the most intelligent species on this planet, and no other species has actually debated the self-proclaimed smartness of humans that we know of. But, visualize a world where humans create programs and machines

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Know the Profound Effect of RPA on your Business - Signity

Extend RPA To New Parts Of Business To Improve Process Performance

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software or a tool or rather, ‘A Robot’ that takes over the mundane task of a process and no longer requires human assistance to get the desired output.  But, how smarter can a Robot

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8 Must-Have Features for your Next Health Care Mobile App

These days technology has become a massive part of our lives, and the healthcare sector is not behind. The healthcare sector has made an enormous difference in our lives, and it is growing day by day. In today’s age of

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How CRM is Helping SMBs in Leveraging Their Growth?

According to the stats by Grand View Research: By the year 2025, the CRM software market is expected to grow by 600%. This makes it one of the fastest-growing industries at present.  Large enterprises understand this very well. That’s why

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15 Minutes Guide to Calculating Job Search App Development Costs - Signity Solutions

15 Minutes Guide to Calculating Job Search App Development Cost

The job search has never been as easy as it is today. Just a few years back, when someone had to look for a job, they had to visit multiple offices, submit resumes, and then wait for days so that

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Business Growth with Salesforce Implementation

How Salesforce Implementation can Maximize your Business Value?

Today’s customer is not the one who keeps on waiting for your service. If they are not getting attended they will move ahead with other options. Together with Salesforce implementation, a company can quickly and easily retrieve all the available

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5 Star IT Consulting Firm - Signity Solutions

Signity Solutions Proud to be a Five Star IT Consulting Firm

Here at Signity Solutions, we know it can be tricky to balance the management of your top priority business challenges while also providing top IT services for your internal staff’s convenience and your external stakeholders’ amazement. That’s why we specialize in delivering

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