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RPA in Finance and Accounting: Benefits & Use Cases Explained

In an increasingly saturated market, that’s clamored with fintech and individuals lacking technical expertise, RPA becomes the hidden force that continually guides entrepreneurs and CFOs forward along a growth-oriented path. The digital economy is changing dynamically, and in these radical

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COVID-19 Impact on Businesses - Circumventing Apprehension the Right Way

COVID-19 Impact on Businesses – Circumventing Apprehension the Right Way

Covid-19 pandemic has brought about radical changes that weren’t anticipated by businesses globally. Firms that could strategically balance protection and operations today, will endure this pandemic and emerge on the other side as winners.  The global economy is staring straight

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benefits and risks of it outsourcing in 2020 - Signity

Benefits, Risks, & Challenges Associated with IT Outsourcing in 2020

IT Outsourcing is on the rise and brings a myriad of benefits for your business; but that neither eliminates nor mitigates the risks associated with outsourcing business. In this article, we’d explore the challenges, benefits and risks of IT outsourcing, that will

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RPA implementation Guide - Signity

A 15 Minute Best Practice RPA Implementation Guide [Updated 2020]

Introduction Robotic Process Automation is growing exponentially as it is driving a massive increase in productivity within the organization. With the minimal upfront investment, it focuses on delivering advantages to a diverse range of departments when implemented. From multiplying the staff

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Signity

Emerging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Trends

“2020 Is An Important Year For AI Adoption.” I was not surprised when I read this news headline. AI and machine learning markets are already growing at a fast pace. According to a recent report by IDC, the global spending for AI

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Flutter app development - signity solutions

Level-Up your Mobile App Development in 2020 with Flutter

Most of the app development clients ask why to opt for Flutter for their mobile application development. And we would say, “Why not Flutter!”. Well, it is excellent in every way possible and superior to any other Framework. Before defining how Flutter

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Zoho WorkDrive - Signity

Zoho Reinvents Its Cloud Storage With Workdrive

If you would ask me to name the most innovative IT companies right now, Zoho is the first name that would come in my mind. With its revolutionary products, the company has brought a revolution in the cloud-service and software

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pharmacy delivery app - signity

Online Pharmacy Delivery Solution: Save your Pharma Business During this Pandemic

Because of the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are in constant fear of the contagion, and thereafter avoiding going out even to buy groceries and medication.  Even though many consumers have already done panic buying from toilet paper to

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Zoho CRM Features to Look Out for this Year!

Zoho is a leading Customer Relationship Management Software that helps businesses to streamline and automates their sales and marketing tasks. Compared to other CRM softwares, Zoho is an ideal pick for a variety of business sizes. There is no shortage of  Zoho CRM features, which

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benefits of RPA - Signity

Top 11 Benefits of RPA Implementation in Business Processes

This Blog is Originally Published at Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine World of business has undergone a significant facelift over the last few years. And, all thanks to Artificial Intelligence and its trends. AI has changed the way we do business. Now, it is

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