Digital Transformation Challenges for Bigger Enterprises

 Digital Transformation Challenges for Bigger Enterprises

The use of digital technologies such as the cloud, big data, IoT, Mobile, and AI/Machine learning technologies is increasing day by day. These technologies are used in most of the areas in business and society. While they are growing connectivity, they have become a challenge for the bigger enterprise. The main challenge faced by the organization is the ability to tackle the level of security, compliance, data protection and regulation such as GDPR. Like, old ERP system integration, for example, is making business critical operations deeply ingrained


The major set of Challenges


1. Old technology


As it may seem, old technology is the most crucial aspect for most of the communication service providers (CSPs) today. Cloud Industry Forum in a recent survey found that almost 9 out of 10 companies believe that legacy IT is holding them back. This is when they start looking to transform their businesses digitally.

Today, it is required to change the old ERP system integration which is making business critical operations deeply ingrained. This makes running these legacies challenging to use while making them obsolete risky and expensive. In the recent survey, CIF highlights that approximately 46 percent of businesses believe that trying to change legacy systems would result in significant disruptions. while the other 40 percent said it would cost too much for changing such legacy system.

Digital business models are making the question more urgent than ever before, for their growing importance.

Over the years, many companies and large organizations like CSPs have cobbled together a patchwork of systems to handle functions like billing, ERP system integration, and CRM across different divisions, regions, products, services, and devices. If employees are not able to understand the full effect, there will be great complexity in the whole system.

The business demands are rapidly changing and are placing unprecedented pressure on the legacy systems. ERP integrated solution of Companies needs to bring products and services to market faster to stay in the competition. On the other hand, there is a steady stream of new devices coming. And the organizations have to keep up these systems against the new consumption models. All this is very challenging for the old technology which in itself was once a great solution.

2. Data Security


Cybersecurity is another major challenge with legacy systems which is not possible to address with traditional and limited point solutions. Cybersecurity in ERP integrated solution in recent times has become a critical strategic priority. Especially for those who are engaged in digital business. To succeed in digital transformation, one has to open out. To innovate and realize the digital potential, many organizations are waiting to get improved security approaches. The approaches which would enable them to focus on their business without any external disturbances.

ERP implementation services have also been coming in prior attention, regarding the ERP and CRM integration a perfect match for your business. and the employees are more supportive and active regarding security policies and practices. Though even today we see there is a gap in the need and efforts in implementing the security. As per stats only 21 percent of CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) directly report to the CEO or directors board.

Recent allegations on Google, Facebook, and other data companies are of great significance. As this reflects the gap between the security reality for IT on the one hand and the perception of the director boardroom. This aspect of the security is still significant, and its effect goes beyond just technology. It is more about the futuristic approach of the boardroom and less about the technological compatibility.

ERP Solution Provider in the field of Digital transformation is also changing. The agility, speed, connectivity, real-time economy, customer expectations, disruption, and all those other things need better security protocols and smart users.

3. The way out Strategy: ERP System Integration


The solution is not just about rules and regulations, protection, defense. But this should also include the training, awareness, and a layer of people those who believe in strengthening the digital transformation initiatives.

We always require better ways to show the path to transform and serve the customers in a matter of security. By optimizing the customer experience and improving security one can certainly expect better client retention and reliability. Security experts who are working with IT Security for a long time know very well that users don’t want to lose experiences in speed, innovation, and performance that may get affected by security solutions. Today it doesn’t happen anymore, by providing the security in the cloud. This shall keep the user experience smooth.

We also see that the projects with higher security are more prone to delay than the ones with limited restrictions. The team responsible for the custom development services and employment of the solutions must also take care that the suggestion for security protocols should consider the time and technical support required. The fear of delay in project completion should not be the reason behind a reduction in the level of the structure.

Not just software development projects, even the IOT, and AI enabled deployments have a significant gap in security due to legacy systems. The approach being used while integrating the legacy systems is by allowing future additions to the system in better frameworks. This is done while doing extra coding to make the data usable for the older systems. The integration can be more time consuming. But, this is the best way to keep the legacy systems stable while upgrading to the new technology faster.

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