iOS Development Challenges in Latest Version.

June 30, 2018

IOS development challenges in latest version

The mobile industry and the operating systems changed forever with the arrival of Apple in the market in the year 2007.  The company completely revolutionized the way, the mobile industry used to function. With an array of products including iPhones, iPads, Mac, iPods, watches, and televisions, Apple has really come of age in the last 10 years to become the most sought-after personal devices worldwide.

The Apple with its operating system iOS has set the benchmark quite high for the rival companies to scale. Going with the tradition, the company keeps on rolling out a new improved version of iOS offering unmatched user experience, the latest being the iOS 11 launched on 19th September 2017.  With every new update, comes new challenges and capabilities for the developers and its same with the iOS 11. The latest update comes with multiple challenges around functionality and though Apple has released around 4000 new APIs for developers, working with iOS is still quite demanding.

In Apple’s ecosystem, there is a unique functionality associated with every developed application as each application has its specific design and architectural considerations. The iOS 11 has kept the developer community on the job with its sets of challenges and these are only going to be more complex with the new lines of products in the coming times.  So let’s give you a glimpse of the challenges, the developers face to provide us the iOS experience we all are fan of:

  • iOS app store approval- Merely developing an iPhone related app is not enough as it is quite difficult getting the app approved. The regulation and processes set by Apple is not easy to deal with. So the developers have really a tough time ensuring that their app doesn’t get rejected from the Appstore.
  • Compatibility challenges- Maintaining the compatibility of one’s app with the changing iOS version is important to support a maximum number of users. Also, the application should be compatible with corresponding devices like iPad, iPod, Apple watches etc. These are the points that a developer must keep in his/her mind while developing an app.
  • Battery issues- What makes an app popular among users is its performance without being heavy on the battery life. Maintaining this balance is quite a daunting task for the developers and demand innovation.
  • Memory and storage issues- One of the major challenges that iOS developers face is the limitation of memory and storage. Installing a few apps and games consumes a lot of memory making other apps stutter even if the device supports the latest version of iOS. So proper management of storage and memory must be on a developer’s mind prior to developing an app.
  • Maintaining application security-  An application under development is always at potential risk from the smart hackers of today. The development of hack-proof apps is not an easy task and is quite challenging for developers as they need to build a strong technical security layer.
  • Low-speed networks- Low-speed networks can be pretty annoying as it hampers the overall user experience. Optimising app for slow networks is a challenging task for the iOS developers.
  • Attractive UX design- The developers must keep in their mind, the target audience mindset while developing an app. Considering the ever-changing fashion and design trends, the developers can use a variety of designs in their apps, such as anthropomorphic, flat, material etc.

In a nutshell, we can say that the number of challenges faced by an iOS developer is numerous and is quite a tough task. But with expertise and polished technical skills, one can chart the best solutions. We at Signity Solutions have years of experience working on iOS. So if you wish to see your app in the App Store, our dedicated team of developers is at your service. Feel free to reach us here and we will revert back at the earliest.

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