Zoho Reinvents Its Cloud Storage With Workdrive

 Zoho Reinvents Its Cloud Storage With Workdrive

If you would ask me to name the most innovative IT companies right now, Zoho is the first name that would come in my mind. With its revolutionary products, the company has brought a revolution in the cloud-service and software development market. Its products are being compared to tech giants like Salesforce, and its services like office suite are being widely used by enterprises across the world.

If you are aware, Zoho is the same company which back in 2017 turned everyone’s heads up by bundling 40 applications and launching them as a single product called Zoho One. No wonder it has reached 50 million customers this year.

And, now the company is back once again, with its latest offering for customers: Zoho WorkDrive.

What is Zoho WorkDrive?

Zoho WorkDriveis online file management & content collaboration tool for modern teams. It will allow you to work collectively as a team and offer a secure place to share your ideas. You and your team can create and collaborate without any fear that your ideas might be compromised. Also, no matter if you are a team of 3 people or 3000, you can effectively manage your work on Zoho WorkDrive, all thanks to its simple and interactive interface.

Why use Zoho WorkDrive?

"Zoho WorkDrive lets you work together as a team"

Even when you are not in the office. Instead of saving the files, you create at different locations and then sharing through emails, you can store them at one place in Zoho WorkDrive. From here, all team members can easily access them. Not only this, but you can also organize all the files in team folders so that they are easily accessible to everyone.

This also gives a holistic view of what’s happening in the team so that you remain aware of each team member’s activities and ensure he/she is doing his/her job efficiently. This helps you manage your work the way you had never done before.

How is Zoho Getting Bigger in The CRM World - Signity

Managers can manage teams like a pro

Zoho WorkDrive is also a blessing for managers and team leaders who not only have to play their part well but also ensure that their team members are doing the same. Zoho WorkDrive lets them keep a watchful eye on their team members and track their activities. Also, using the software, managers can assign roles & tasks to team members, and later ensure that they are doing it on time.

Another best thing about Zoho WorkDrive is that it lets managers and team leaders know their team better. They can anticipate the needs of their teams on time and provide them whatever help is required. Moreover, Activity reports and audit trails ensure that you don’t have to bother your IT team in case you can’t find a particular file later.

Overall, Zoho WorkDrive ensures that the managers and team leaders remain organized, increases the team’s collaboration, and results in better productivity.

Zoho WorkDrive lets you create more with Zoho Office Suite

With the Zoho Office Suite, managing the enterprise data becomes a lot easier in Zoho WorkDrive. This is what you can do in Zoho WorkDrive using Zoho Office Suite:

  • Instantly record and share meeting notes, project requirements, approvals, or create other documents using Zoho Writer. Even your content team can use the tool to write blogs and website content.
  • UseZoho Sheet to analyze month-end sales figures. You can also use vibrant graphs, charts, pivot tables to better understand the numbers.
  • Zoho Show can help you to prepare the best product pitch. Use videos, images, and tweets to create interactive presentations that speak for themselves.

You can always stay in Sync

Another impressive thing about Zoho WorkDrive is that it lets you become available for your team whenever they need you. No matter if you are working from home, you are in the office, or you are in the middle of traveling – you can easily access your files on Zoho WorkDrive. You can even download the Zoho WorkDrive app on your smartphone/tablet.

Moreover, you can take a backup of your team files to access them offline in case you are going somewhere where you might face connectivity issues. This way, you always remain in synchronization and in the loop.

Zoho WorkDrive is secure from the inside out

Security is crucial in business. Losing even the smallest file can cost you millions. That’s why Zoho has built Zoho WorkDrive keeping the security in mind. It protects your company’s data by encrypting files using standards like ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II security standards. So, you can work on Zoho WorkDrive without having to worry about a security breach or any other issues.

Zoho Features to Look out for this Year

ZohoWorkDrive helps you improve with useful analytics

Zoho WorkDrive not only helps you work efficiently as a team but also allows you to improve with useful analytics. These analytics lets you see where you were lacking and what changes you can bring so that you can make the maximum out of this online file management and content collaboration tool. It helps you become more productive.

What people have to say about Zoho WorkDrive?

"Zoho WorkDrive has really simplified sharing and providing permission to my team members. It has an intuitive UI and it helps even the technologically challenged members of my team to easily get started."   Andrew Blades (Vice President, Road Rescue)
"Zoho WorkDrive allows us to have a single repository for everything we're working on which makes us more organized. In fact, it is more reliable and easier to use than Google Drive for Teams."  Jamie Lupton

In simple words,

Mismanagement and disorganization are one of the biggest productivity killers. And the productivity of your company gets reduced to half when your employees are busy organizing the files, sending emails, or waiting for each other’s response. Dealing with these things is the most difficult thing any organization can face.

And Zoho is a tool that can eliminate little hurdles and ensure smooth functionality in an organization. We need software that can get things done without having to stand at each employee’s head. We need something that can organize everything on its own

And that’s exactly what Zoho WorkDrive does. By eliminating all productivity killers, it helps your company become 10 times more productive. Also, from the cost point of view, Zoho WorkDrive is a better option as compared to other alternatives like Google Drive for business and Microsoft OneDrive. So, it can be a great option to consider for small businesses.

This article is originally published at Host Review on 4 April 2020.

 Amit Dua

Amit Dua

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