Add Data to Airtable with Workflows

Effortlessly enhance your data management in Airtable using Workflows. Simplify data entry and organization for increased productivity.

Airtable HubSpot

Automate the process of transferring your HubSpot data to Airtable effortlessly using the "Add data to Airtable" workflow action. This action empowers you to generate fresh data rows within a new or existing Airtable database.

To start integrating data into Airtable through workflows:

  • Within your HubSpot account, access the "Automation" tab and select "Workflows."
  • Choose to either edit an existing workflow by hovering over it and clicking "Edit," or create a new workflow.
  • Inside the workflow editor, initiate the process by clicking the "+" icon to introduce a workflow action.

"+" icon

  • On the right panel, locate and select the "Create Airtable row" action from the available options.

Create Airtable row

  • Now, it's time to specify your Airtable row details:
    • Select the appropriate Airtable base from the dropdown menu to determine where your data will be added.
    • Choose the target table where you want to insert new rows.
    • Define the row header.
    • Indicate the HubSpot property from which you'll be extracting information. If prior actions exist in the workflow, you can also utilize their outcomes.
  • For adding multiple rows, you can select multiple headers and property values.
  • To integrate this action seamlessly into your workflow, save your settings.

Streamline your data management and synchronization by integrating HubSpot and Airtable, simplifying the process with efficient workflows.

 Mohit Yadav

Mohit Yadav