Quick Guide to Setting Goals in Contact-based Workflows

Master setting goals in contact-based workflows to measure success and automate enrollment. Explore the impact of meeting goal criteria, consider enrollment checks, and clarify conversion rates. Learn the crucial distinctions between goals and suppression lists for efficient workflow management.

Setting Goals in Contact-based Workflows

In contact-based workflows, setting goals is key to focusing your objectives and gauging success in nurturing contacts. Just like suppression lists, meeting the workflow goal leads to automatic enrollment. 

For other workflow types (company-based, deal-based, quote-based, or ticket-based), opt for unenrollment triggers instead of goals.

Exploring Contact-Based Workflow Types

Mastering Workflow Goals: A Closer Look

A workflow goal serves as the ultimate aim of your contact-based workflow. Upon meeting goal criteria, an enrolled contact is automatically unenrolled before the next action executes. Common goals involve moving contacts to a new lifecycle stage, tracking engagement actions, or monitoring interactions with marketing content.

Crucial considerations when working with goals:

  • Enrollment Check:
    • When first enrolled, HubSpot checks if a contact meets goal criteria. If met, they won't be enrolled, excluding them from the goal conversion rate.
  • Active Workflow Impact:
    • Active contacts meeting goal criteria are auto-unenrolled. Identify them in the workflow details page.
  • Conversion Rate Clarification:
    • Only contacts sent a marketing email in the workflow count towards the goal conversion rate.

Distinguishing Goals and Suppression Lists:

  • Goal:

    • Measures workflow success in nurturing contacts.
    • Recommended when the workflow contains a marketing email send.
  • Suppression List:

    • Suppresses contacts from enrollment.
    • Recommended for workflows without a marketing email send.

Efficiently using goals ensures accurate measurement of workflow success, making it a valuable tool for strategic marketing.

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Set a Workflow Goals in Your Contact-Based Workflow

Ensure precise goal setting in your contact-based workflow with these simple steps:

1. Accessing the Workflow:

  • Go to Automation > Workflows in your HubSpot account.
  • Click on the name of your contact-based workflow.

2. Setting Goals:

  • Navigate to the Goals tab and click "Set goal" in the dialog box.
  • Select and define your goal criteria, then click Save.

Set a Workflow Goals
3. Adding Multiple Criteria:

  • Enhance specificity by clicking AND or OR for additional criteria. Learn more about AND vs OR logic.

workflow goal

4. Finalizing the Setup:

  • Click Save when your criteria are set.

Viewing Goal Performance

    • Only Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users, assess goal conversion rates and contact trends after setting goals.
    • Go to Automation > Workflows, click the name of your contact-based workflow, and access the Goals tab for detailed reports.

goal performance

Leveraging Goals in Workflow Enrollment Criteria

Efficiently enroll contacts in a workflow based on goal criteria with these straightforward steps:

  1. Accessing Workflow Editor:

    • In the workflow editor, click "Set up triggers." For detailed insights, explore setting enrollment triggers in workflows.
  2. Setting Up Enrollment Criteria:

    • In the left panel, under Workflows, choose "Achieved workflow goal."
    • This method works for workflows using goal criteria and sending marketing emails. The filter enrolls based on the goal conversion rate.
  3. Adding Trigger:

    • Click "+ Add trigger" to proceed.
  4. Configuring Trigger:

    • In the right Add trigger panel, select Workflow and search for the desired workflow.
    • Click Save to confirm your choices.

Enhance your workflow strategy by mastering the art of setting and utilizing goals in contact-based workflows. This guide empowers you to measure success, and maximize the potential of workflow goals for a streamlined and efficient marketing approach.

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In conclusion, mastering workflow goals is a pivotal aspect of your marketing strategy. Whether you're navigating contact-based workflows, leveraging unenrollment triggers for other types, or optimizing goal criteria, precision is key.

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