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AI as Product and Business Enabler – A Business Story by Cynthia Stoddard, CIO of Adobe Systems

Artificial Intelligence, better known as AI, has taken giant strides in the last few years. It has now become an integral part of daily lives and handles complex functions. AI is an area of computer science with a focus on

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Should You Consider Integrating Social Media While Mobile App Development?

Mobile Apps are the latest trend that is sweeping the markets. Mobile app development in India and around the world is at its peak. It plays a crucial role in informing, educating, and engaging your customers. It is a game

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Impact of Business Process Automation on Bottom line

In every business, there are several inter-related and cross-functional business processes. These processes continually interact and evolve as per market, industry and organizational needs. In doing so, they also become complicated and sometimes, unsteady. Today, by the use of technology,

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Why Zoho CRM can be a Lucrative Business Choice?

Zoho is a brand of web-based CRM (customer relationship management) system that enables an organization through sales force automation, lead management, account handling, purchase and workflow management etc. This award-winning Zoho CRM tool allows a company to track and sift

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How Small Travel Agencies Can Generate Online Sales Lead

Travel agencies do not just provide lovely trips, but they also offer the best experiences too. However, numerous reasons and factors affect the growth of agencies around the world. One of the biggest factors is having a robust online presence.

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ERP and CRM Integration: A Perfect Match for Your Business

Handling business needs a lot of skills and techniques which come with experience. However, there are some systems in the world which help in making the process more comfortable for you. They do not just strengthen the goals and motives

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Is Outsourcing a Mobile App Development an Effective Strategy?

With the growing popularity of smartphones, many entrepreneurs have got a perfect business platform for investment. Smart entrepreneurs have opened businesses that cash out the vibrant mobile technology with mobile application development as business solutions. In short, mobile app development

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