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The Destiny of Native Apps - the Reality

Jerry Johnson, a New York based business management student and an avid app user installed an app only to discover its inability to interact on any other platform other than the one it was specifically created for. Downloaded at 2.35 p.m. on the 5th... Read More

Salesforce IoT Cloud: The 2017 Must-Knows

How often have you wished for a smart technology solution that provides you with first-hand information on your product performance, an instant intimation of repair or maintenance requirements or customer complaints? The Internet of Things (IoT)... Read More

Why is Zoho Changing the CRM Game?

Zoho CRM has been widely acclaimed as an award-winning tool designed to meet the customer relationship management requirements for small and medium enterprises. This cloud-based CRM tool offers a plenitude functionalities required to automate the... Read More