What is Geo-Fencing and its Applications

October 20, 2014

Geo-fence is a specific software program which uses global positioning system ( GPS) to  define the virtual boundary on a map based upon real world location. By using the geo-fencing technology based app or program we can trigger or setup specific notification alarm when device enters or exits the virtual boundary defined the app/program admin.


There are majorly two prime ways through which the geo-fence based application define virtual boundaries.

  1. The first part includes the administrators to integrate Google Earth, through this the administrator can define the boundaries to the specific geographical area.
  2. In the second process administrator can define the virtual boundary by longitude and latitude or via web based maps.

The overall scope of this technology is very vast. Let’s look into some day to day practical applications where this technology can be very helpful.

  1. Local restaurant owner can trigger special offer of the day text message when the opt in user enters in defined geographical area.
  2. Let’s say you are parents of 12 year old kid who wants to go 3 blocks away to meet his friends, but as a parents you are not uncomfortable with your child being that far away from home. You can use geo-fencing functionality based app, which will trigger you when your child is out of pre-defined virtual boundary.
  3.  The truck fleet owner or manager can used geo-fencing based app to track the truck fleet and get notification when truck driver breaks his route.

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For many technology evangelist the geo-fencing service is going to play a very major role in mobile security market too, there are many organizations and mobile app architects who are developing various apps globally by keeping geo-fencing functionality at its core.

We can also see in the upcoming time that geo-fencing technology merge very well with Big Data to provide value based information to the opt in consumers and which eventually will increase the ROI. By merging the location based information for example device usage pattern on various locations, mobile ad campaign service demand with data analytic the administrator or business owner can develop actionable insights.

The location based geo-fencing can play a very vital role in mobile marketing. The typical examples we can have implementing geo-fencing to specific store of let’s say ABC Mart, or in case of muti-store structure we can implement advance level geo-fencing which can trigger within 1 miles of all 200+ stored of ABC Mart. Through advanced geo-fencing technology we can target trade area or go with trade zone targeting too.

Alright, we have looked into the benefits what geo-fencing technology can bring to us and how it can be effective in various industries. But now it’s also important for us to look into what technical hurdles this technology can have.


The major hurdles is that this technology demands a steady satellite connection and this demand results in major amount of battery drain. We assumes in coming time we will see more advancement in the geo-fencing solutions which will able to demonstrate the right balance between precise location tacking and effective battery management.

The other major hurdle with this technology is related to personal privacy of the end consumer. The user worry that these location tracking technology may invade there privacy by continually relaying their current location coordinates.

I am sure in coming time we will see more advancement in this area too, through which the end user can control privacy protection. I feel user consent is must while providing the services which is based upon geo-fencing technology and there should be easy way to disable his service on demand by the end user.

I also assume that with the latitude of progression this technology has, it’s important for geo -fencing solution to have a robust amalgamation of security features to prevent un- constitutional access, and safeguard user privacy.

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