Analyze Blog Subscription Email Performance

In HubSpot's email tool, you can easily access previews and performance data for previous versions of your blog subscription emails. This includes insights on emails that weren't sent due to a lack of new content. Let's learn how. 

You can access previews and performance statistics for any previous iteration of a blog subscription email within the email tool. Additionally, you can check instances where blog subscription emails were not dispatched due to a lack of fresh content.

To access this feature in your HubSpot account, follow these steps:

  • Go to Marketing > Email.
  • To filter for blog subscription emails, utilize the Type dropdown and choose Blog.
  • Select the name of your specific blog subscription email.
  • On the email details page, the Blog history section will present a history of every previous dispatch of your blog subscription email.
  • If you want to narrow down the displayed emails, click on the Time range fields and pick a date range.
  • To exclude emails that were not sent due to a lack of new content, uncheck the Show skipped emails checkbox.
  • If you wish to modify the data displayed for each email, click on Manage columns. In the dialog box, select the checkbox next to each column option you wish to see. Save your changes by clicking the "Save" button, and you will return to the email details page.
  • To preview a previous dispatch, click on the thumbnail preview of the email.
  • For a detailed view of the performance metrics of a prior dispatch, click on the name of the email.


 Rahul Guleria

Rahul Guleria

I am a digital marketing strategist who loves trying new things, analyzing the data behind them, and helping build brands through content marketing and social media.