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Discover the secrets to enhancing your Facebook social posts using HubSpot. Elevate your social media presence, increase reach, and engage your audience effectively with these expert tips and tools.

boost social media post

Generate an advertisement from a Facebook post that's already published using the social tool. This allows you to amplify the post's visibility, reaching both your existing followers and new audiences. This boosted post will manifest as a Page Post Engagement ad on Facebook.

Before You Begin

Before creating an ad from a Facebook post, ensure you have:

  • Connected a Facebook Ads account to the ads tool.
  • The user creating the ad must be the same as the one who connected the Facebook Ads account to HubSpot.
  • The user must also be an admin for the relevant Facebook page.

Creating an Ad from Your Facebook Post:

  • In your HubSpot account, go to Marketing > Social.
  • Hover over the post you wish to promote, then click Actions > Create ad.

Create ad

  • In the right panel, configure your ad:
    • Ad account: Select the ad account for publishing and tracking.
    • Special ad category: If applicable, choose Housing, Employment, or Credit; otherwise, select None.
    • Targeting: Set up your ad's targeting options.
      • Location: Specify the geographic area for your target audience.
      • Age range: Choose the age range of your target users.
      • Include any of the following: Add an ad audience or target users based on interactions, including those who engaged with your connected Facebook page or people similar to them.
    • Budget: Select either the Daily or the total ad budget and set the amount.
    • Schedule: Determine the ad's duration using the dropdown menus.
  • Click "Create ad" at the bottom.

Create engagement ad

Review Your Ad Campaign

A Page Post Engagement ad will be created successfully, and you'll find a banner alert in the social tool with a link to the ad campaign. To access the ad campaign:

  • In your HubSpot account, go to Marketing > Social.
  • On the Managed tab, click on the published post.
  • In the right panel, click the ad campaign link.
  • To enable or disable the campaign, use your ads tool. Note that you cannot edit the campaign in HubSpot after creation, but you can make changes within Facebook.

Review Your Ad Campaign

 Mohit Yadav

Mohit Yadav