Validate an external URL in the SEO Tool

Unlock SEO excellence with HubSpot by validating external URLs effortlessly. Access the user-friendly interface, input URLs, and initiate the validation process. Leverage real-time reporting and comprehensive insights for swift corrective actions, ensuring a high-performing website and an effective SEO strategy.

Validate an external URL in the SEO Tool

When linking an external page to a topic or subtopic, our SEO tool undergoes automatic URL validation to monitor both internal and inbound links. This process typically completes within a 20-second timeframe. In the event that your external URL fails to validate within this period, it's essential to take appropriate measures based on the provided validation status message.

During the validation of an external URL in the SEO tool, you might encounter one of the following error responses:

1. Unverified:

This indicates a temporary issue in crawling your external page. Waiting for five minutes and checking again often resolves this error.

2. Bad HTTP Status:

Your external URL has returned an error response, commonly a 404 error. To resolve this, inspect the DNS provider and the content management system (CMS) hosting your external page.

3. Validation Error:

The tool faces difficulties in crawling your external URL. Typically, removing and re-adding the external page URL to your topic resolves this issue. Persistent errors should be reported to HubSpot Support.

4. SSL Error:

This suggests an issue with the SSL certificate for your website. Address this concern by checking with your SSL certificate provider.

5. Blocked by 403:

Additional security or authentication measures are obstructing the SEO tool from crawling your external page.

6. Non-Canonical URL:

Your external URL doesn't align with the canonical URL for that page. Resolve this error by clicking 'Replace with canonical URL.'

 Sachin Kalotra

Sachin Kalotra