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All you Need to Know About Zoho Conversational AI for Sales Teams

It’s here, and it’s there! Because it’s everywhere! Wait! We are not talking about bugs. We are talking about Artificial intelligence and its integration almost everywhere. Business organizations treat the customer as one of the integral assets that need nurturing.

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Cloud ERP Solutions-SignitySolutions

Top 5 Cloud ERP Solutions for your Business

You might consider operating your growing organization without ERP software, but if you are willing to experience a positive change in business and see statistical overall growth, it is important to take the necessary steps in order to see the

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Remodeling Big Data Solutions Through AI and Blockchain

The hunger for something more advanced and staying ahead of others has motivated humans to sail far in the sea of technology. Steve Jobs quoted, “Stay hungry, stay foolish!” to encourage people to come up with life-changing ideas and solutions

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Manual vs Automated Mobile App Testing: Which One Do You Need?

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” We all have come across this phrase since our junior high school. We have seen technology taking new form every day. In the present world, technology once invented becomes outdated in quick time.

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How is Chatbot App Development helping in Unlocking Business Value?

The animal kingdom holds many different organisms with different capabilities and abilities. With that saying, humankind is the top occupant of the food chain. And it is for the ability to empathize, reason and to be able to communicate. Communication

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Micropayments: Cryptocurrencies To Be The Go-To Money

While the world has joined the bandwagon of online shopping and electronic payments, there is something else that is holding back online transactions. The prime focus on using cryptocurrencies was to create an alternative currency that was capable of replacing our

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CRM Software-SignitySolutions

Is Outsourcing CRM Software Services an Effective Strategy

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a great way of maintaining a healthy and friendly relationship with existing, new and prospective customers. In addition, it even helps a company strategically by enhancing its productivity while improving customer satisfaction. In short, it

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Business Process Automation-SignitySolutions

How to Recognize the best Business Process Automation Tools for your Organization?

In the modern business world, no company can afford to stay away from technology. The rising levels of competition and complexities make the integration of technology necessary. The technology could be disruptive or innovative depending on its potential. Whereas disruptive

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ERP System-SignitySolutions

5 ERP System Predictions for the next 10 years

When it comes to ERP system, analysts have strong targets from the industry and its participants. The scope of ground that ERP covers are extensive, with significant emphasis on quality, technology, and management. With the introduction of AI and Machine

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CRM Development Services-SignitySolutions

5 ways to manage your CRM Budget properly

With a new year, comes a new budget for your company. So, fire up the calculators and the spreadsheets since the budget season is here. And talking about the budget, let us discuss the CRM budget goals that you have

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