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Micropayments: Cryptocurrencies To Be The Go-To Money

While the world has joined the bandwagon of online shopping and electronic payments, there is something else that is holding back online transactions. The prime focus on using cryptocurrencies was to create an alternative currency that was capable of replacing our

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CRM Software-SignitySolutions

Is Outsourcing CRM software services an effective strategy

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a great way of maintaining a healthy and friendly relationship with existing, new and prospective customers. In addition, it even helps a company strategically by enhancing its productivity while improving customer satisfaction. In short, it

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Business Process Automation-SignitySolutions

How to recognize the best Business Process Automation tools for your organization?

In the modern business world, no company can afford to stay away from technology. The rising levels of competition and complexities make the integration of technology necessary. The technology could be disruptive or innovative depending on its potential. Whereas disruptive

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ERP System-SignitySolutions

5 ERP System Predictions for the next 10 years

When it comes to ERP system, analysts have strong targets from the industry and its participants. The scope of ground that ERP covers are extensive, with significant emphasis on quality, technology, and management. With the introduction of AI and Machine

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CRM Development Services-SignitySolutions

5 ways to manage your CRM Budget properly

With a new year, comes a new budget for your company. So, fire up the calculators and the spreadsheets since the budget season is here. And talking about the budget, let us discuss the CRM budget goals that you have

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Chatbot App Development-SignitySolutions

Top 10 Chatbot Trends That You Cannot Ignore In 2019

Chatbot app development is already playing a significant role in the consumer industry, and thus is proliferating. According to a recent study, 67% of the consumers in the world make use of Chatbots for customer support. However, estimations are that

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Tips to develop a Chatbot Persona for your Brand

Chatbots are one of the best resources of a website as they truly enhance the productivity and reaches of a brand. These bots have a personality of their own and interact with the site visitors. They chat with the viewers

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Certified Salesforce Consultants

Acquire New Customers and More Profit with Certified Salesforce Consultants

In the last few years, cloud computing has taken off. There are plenty of apps and platforms being available in the cloud. It offers the benefits of mobility and accessibility for the customers. One of the most beneficial combinations of

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Chatbot- An eCommerce Tool for your Property Business

Property or real estate business is one of the most recognized sectors around the world. It can be categorized as Housing, Commercial, Retail, and Hospitality. There is one more activity important to real estate business, and that is to offer

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Travel Portal Development Services-SignitySolutions

The Changing Face of Travel Agency Business with Travel Portals

Travel Industry has undergone an extreme transformation with rapid integration of technology. Long gone are those days when customers used to travel to the office of a travel agent to make the bookings. Customers had to rely on the agent for every

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