Is Your Chatbot Well Versed In Marketing?

June 11, 2018

Is Your Chatbot Well Versed With Marketing

Marketing with Chatbots is next big thing in digital marketing, where creativity and technology go hand in hand to create responsive advertisements. After the emergence of Snapchat into a full-fledged marketing tool, the next revolutionary and big thing to happen in business marketing is the blend of Artificial Intelligence and creativity to create a new kind of tool for customer engagement, communication, and marketing strategy.

What Chatbots are, I guess you already know? Still, I would specify that a chatbot is a system created out of AI with which a customer can interact simply by texting. You can ask for anything from information to commanding it perform a function. Want to know the weather outside, or to run a troubleshoot software, chatbot can perform it all.

Only recently the digital marketing was completely dominated by social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, which made marketing, content creation and propagation a lot easier and speedy, and made borders utterly irrelevant. It was a revolutionary thing in itself. With Chatbots taking the central stage now in the marketing world, it is seen as a marketing goldmine for all right reasons. Nowhere in the whole chatbots marketing process can you see the involvement of manpower, everything is done with the help of AI.

Think of loads of content customers consume, services offered to the customers and transactions securely executed, whenever a customer connects with your company via Bots. Customer engagements and retentions have improved extensively because of the magnitude of information and data made available to customers which they can access on their own via a Chatbot. It was not always the case before the advent of Bots. To give responses to customer queries, to offer them the information they are looking for, businesses took a lot of time and manpower to get in touch to respond, but, by then, the customer is already gone, no one is there to hear your response. But chatbots not only do it in a matter of seconds and clicks but also market your product while producing information and transforms your customers into potential buyers. The best part is they buy through the Chatbot.

As a business owner, you just cannot kind of ignore the marketing potential Chatbots have. A report published in Forbes has revealed that as many as 1.4 billion people worldwide interacted via Chatbots in the year 2015 alone. It is only obvious to believe that number must have skyrocketed by now. Whenever customers interact through Bots, they store the data from previous conversations and next time the same customer turns up, they respond more effectively and in detailed and personalized manner.

Let`s now take a detailed look at marketing things Bots can do for your company, and that would give you an idea whether at all your Chatbot is well versed in marketing.

  • Selling Products and Services 

it often gets hard for businesses if they are small to manage time for various tasks. That directly impacts your customer relationships because of the dearth of time and manpower to attend to them. The result is customers fly away. But you can retain with the help of chatbot development services. When a customer interacts through Bot, it asks customers preferences, styles and tailors the information accordingly and gives recommendations completely matching what customers want. So it sells products and services on your behalf, efficiently and quickly.

  • Payments Made Easy with Bots 

 bots are so advanced these days that they can process payments completely on their own, without any human intervention. If you`re lacking the conviction to deploy chatbots, you certainly as the business owner are missing plenty of marketing benefits to reap with Bots. It saves you counter space where customers form long queues to pay bills, saves you manpower behind the counter and time as well.

  • Peek into What Customers Want

now with data stored by bots you can actually get business insights that can boost sales, productivity and company profits. It follows customer habits closely and monitors their buying preferences. Using this data, you can offer every customer a personalized service based on their tastes and preferences, which is crucial to do for any marketing strategy these days.  Similarly, you can also figure out a pattern out of queries customers make through bots, it can help to offer them relevant information.

  • A Personalized Marketing 

from the customer experience stored by bots as data, you can run a personalized marketing strategy. It does it through interaction, which is close to how a human would sell a product. Also, you can introduce your other products to your customers. Maybe that can grab their attention and another day they consume those products, too. It cannot happen anywhere else, but alone through a Chatbot.

  • Increase Customer Engagement 

 bots engage your customers. It strikes a relationship with your customers by making them ask more and more about your brand, or product, or service in an engaging way. The more it introduces these things, the more likely they are going to buy your product. It does not let user engagement fade away.

These are only a few marketing tasks bots are capable of doing, but they are enough to give you an idea whether your Chatbot is well versed in marketing, does it do all these things and more? Chatbots save you time, money and manpower by asking interacting with your customers, taking care of whole payment process, seizing a deal and offering customer services. It does everything with specific goals and targets already programmed in it, which makes it more efficient than a human doing the same thing.

After going through the article, you may want to hire a bot development company to reap the benefits that come with Chatbots. If that is the case, are you searching for the best chatbot developers? Let me assure you, you have nowhere else to go. Join hands with Signity Solutions to develop the best chatbot for your company. We understand the needs of every company, big or small, and offer best services in the field of Chatbot development.

Rohit Madaan

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