HubSpot Onboarding: Types, Benefits & Pricing

HubSpot Onboarding is a strategic investment that can help businesses explore the full potential of their HubSpot CRM. It drives efficiency, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. This blog will guide you through everything you need to know about HubSpot services and onboarding.

HubSpot Onboarding: Types, Benefits & Pricing

Businesses utilize HubSpot as a potent CRM and marketing automation solution, but many businesses fail to use its complete potential. 

Do you know why?

Well, there are two primary reasons: 

  1. They may not have a clear understanding of the HubSpot services platform.
  2. They may not have received any value from the services offered.

Fortunately, a smooth customer onboarding process can help address both of these issues. This is especially true for businesses that are looking to get the most out of HubSpot services.

But the good news is that HubSpot onboarding can now be done seamlessly and help you take complete advantage of the platform.  If you're wondering how keep reading to find out!

What is HubSpot Onboarding?

HubSpot Onboarding is the process of setting up and configuring the HubSpot software to meet your business needs, training your team to use its features effectively, and preparing it for use.

“HubSpot Onboarding is the systematic process of guiding users through the setup, training, and customization of the HubSpot platform to ensure optimal utilization of its CRM tools for marketing, sales, and customer service.”

The designated HubSpot onboarding experts facilitate businesses to understand the features of the platform and how using those features could be beneficial to them by analyzing the specific business model. 

The HubSpot training experts will design a customized onboarding plan for you based on the following:

  • Your highest priority goals with HubSpot
  • The HubSpot services you availed
  • The complexity and size of the organization
  • Your existing tech stack and how it integrates with HubSpot

When Do You Need HubSpot Onboarding?

So, you have bought the HubSpot software or recently moved to the HubSpot CRM from your previous one? So does that mean you require a complete HubSpot Onboarding to get going with the HubSpot? Or would some specific types of HubSpot Onboarding work?

Well, there are some specific types of HubSpot Onboarding that a business can choose based on the requirements.

Whether you are new to HubSpot or an existing user, onboarding is certainly a roadmap to a seamless user journey. Especially if you want to:

  • Lessen the manual workload
  • Scale up your business
  • Automate your processes
  • Set up chart flows to resolve the issues automatically
  • Manage the business essentials efficiently
  • Drive more traffic
  • Automate the marketing process
  • Take the most benefit out of it

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Let’s check out some HubSpot Onboarding types to choose from.

What Types of HubSpot Onboarding Are Available?

HubSpot provides different onboarding options designed to assist users in effectively adopting the platform and maximizing its benefits.

  • Self-service Onboarding

Self-service onboarding is a process that involves utilizing the various free resources offered by HubSpot. These resources include the HubSpot Academy, which provides tutorials, instructional videos, and a comprehensive knowledge base. 

This option is a great choice for small-budget businesses or those operating on a tight budget. 

You can also access our HubSpot knowledge base here!

However, it's important to note that this type of onboarding requires a significant time commitment and a willingness to learn. As a result, it may take longer to achieve full functionality compared to other options.

  • Guided Onboarding

Guided Onboarding is like a more personalized plan offering specialized and dedicated assistance from the HubSpot team. With the guided Onboarding, HubSpot experts will facilitate walking through the entire software setup and also guide with practical demonstrations on using the embedded tools. 

This type is considered an excellent option for customers using HubSpot software, requires a more personalized approach, and does need the premier Onboarding or advanced packages. 

However, there are specialized packages that cater to the sales hub, CMS hub, marketing hub, and service hub separately, and businesses can opt for any of the options based on their specific business requirements. 

Get a free consultation from our experts to know the details and packages!

  • Advanced and Premier Onboarding

The advanced and premier onboarding is crafted with the idea of executing it for enterprise customers who are completely new to the platform or seeking to update their existing package with a new one in mind. 

This type of onboarding is excellent for businesses that have outgrown simple plug-and-play solutions and are looking for more customized support and services. 

In this type, the onboarding experts will:

  1. Guide you on how to embed the inbound techniques into marketing and sales programs. 
  2. Facilitates setting up the technical integrations of HubSpot.
  3. Design a personalized plan.
  • Partner Onboarding

Partner onboarding is an excellent option for all types of businesses. These are more personalized types where the businesses partner with third-party agencies who understand the in-depth technical know-how of the platform. 

With this type, the businesses will get completely customized training that is designed explicitly to meet the business-specific requirements. 

The right HubSpot agency partner handles everything seamlessly, from setting up the entire software to training your teams that will be working on the platform, allowing businesses to focus more on the core activities. 

  • HubSpot for Startups Onboarding

Startups do not have much budget for implementing new variations or moving to an all-in-one platform like HubSpot. Therefore, considering the requirements of startups, HubSpot for startups covers the essential functionalities in the starter package. So that the businesses can expand later as required. 

HubSpot Onboarding Process (For Hubs)

Now that we have already gained complete insight into HubSpot onboarding, the value of choosing HubSpot onboarding, and the other essentialities associated with it, let us check out the HubSpot onboarding process for each service. 

  • HubSpot Marketing Onboarding Process

Grow your website's traffic efficiently! HubSpot Marketing Onboarding provides complete strategic and technical guidance for HubSpot experts on setting up, initiating, and using the marketing hub to increase traffic, lead conversion, and attain marketing goals seamlessly.

Kickoff call Getting started with a kickoff call that outlines project goals, timelines, communication, and responsibilities.
Setting up Setting up user permissions and website templates, including hosting through HubSpot or migrating to HubSpot.
Connecting domains, accounts, and contacts Performing relevant data addition, including lead tracking and traffic, and then importing it to CRM.
User Setup Customizations Customizing HubSpot to fit your needs with language, currency, and analytics settings. We'll also add a chatbot to be managed in your email inbox and filter out unwanted IP addresses.
Setup integration and audit We'll optimize your tech stack to streamline operations, save costs, and have a reliable source of data.
CRM setup and optimization Optimizing your CRM by improving conversation management, including analyzing and enhancing CTAs, forms, landing pages, blogs, social media posts, and emails for better tone and content.
Implementation of additional HubSpot products We will then implement additional HubSpot products, such as CMS, Sales, and Service Hub, and create strategies for their effective use.
Campaigning and SEO Optimization We will then implement additional HubSpot products, such as CMS, Sales, and Service Hub, and create strategies for their effective use.
Reports Optimization The creation and use of custom reports to provide valuable insights into traffic data.
Client feedback and Training Obtaining client feedback on the process and addressing questions and concerns.
Maintenance Using the CRM Data Grader tool to do regular quality checks on their CRM data and will provide regular maintenance to keep the platform updated and well-functioning.

  • HubSpot Sales Onboarding Process

Scale and automate your sales processes! Sales hub onboarding is about providing technical advice from Hubspot experts on setting up the sales hub while scaling the existing sales process so that you can get more benefit from it by closing more deals. 

Initial call Getting started with a kick-off call that outlines project goals, timelines, communication, and responsibilities.
Sales Hub setup Setting up Sales Hub by language customization, time zone setup, creating user accounts, enabling 2FA, and more.
Third-party Integration Third-party apps integration with HubSpot. 
Workflow development Building sales workflows by creating a dashboard, setting goals, and using CRM data to track performance.
Sales workflows and feature development To add sales features, we'll create a product library, share sales quotes, set up the sales team in HubSpot, and configure calls and meetings.
Additional HubSpot Products Implementation Connect any additional HubSpot services to the current sales strategy upon the client's request.
Client Training During the Client Strategy Workshop, we will review buyer personas and make necessary changes to solidify goals for the future.
Sales customization and automation Automating the sales processes, categorizing contacts, and analyzing data sources to gain insights into marketing and sales performance.
Reports optimization Creating and utilizing custom reports based on default report insights.
Client training and feedback Obtain feedback from the client on current processes. Recommend HubSpot Academy courses for additional training.
Maintenance We'll provide complete maintenance by performing a technical audit, identifying tool utilization opportunities, assessing data quality, and planning growth strategy with playbooks.

  • HubSpot CRM Onboarding Process

Set up your business to the HubSpot platform with HubSpot CRM experts quickly. With CRM Onboarding, businesses can efficiently and promptly set up the HubSpot CRM Suite to grow their business. This is more aligned with the specific company objectives and desired tech stack to fuel the business growth. 

Startup call Getting started with a kick-off call to outline project goals, timelines, communication, and responsibilities.
User and Admin setup For Administration and User Setup, we'll create user groups and assign users to the relevant group.
System Configuration Configuring the language, currency, date, and company branding and managing permissions and access for different users and teams.
Tech stack audit and integrations Determining which software to keep and connect relevant applications like Gmail, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.
File and assets upload We'll upload and manage various files and assets for ease of access and create templates and snippets.
Customer journey mapping Determining how customer data enters the CRM and optimizing the process.
Customization Creating custom fields and pipeline stages for incoming leads.
Information migration Before migrating customer information to HubSpot, ensure the data is cleaned and prepped with the proper fields.
Task creation and manual process automation Managing tasks and responsibilities in project management and automation of manual processes. For example, when customer information is updated in the CRM, automation can update it globally.
Reports Optimization Examining default reporting options and creating custom reports based on insights.
Maintenance Determining data quality, adding fields for better sorting, and using deduplication tools to improve data.

  • HubSpot CMS Onboarding

Manage your data efficiently! From content strategy to website designing and SEO, HubSpot CMS onboarding is focused on providing businesses with the foundation required to take the website from initiation till the end. 

Kickstart session Getting started with a kick-off call to align with client and agency responsibilities, communication channels, and project goals.
Plan migration to HubSpot Building template and setting timelines.
Technical setup Preparing the CMS for use by adding users, connecting domains, and setting up additional tools.
Website and content audit Checking the website's performance, including traffic sources, amount, and keyword rankings, and planning for improvements.
Customer Research By analyzing existing customer data and tracking website behavior, we will gain insights about the client's target audience and optimize conversions.
Copy and page strategy Based on insights from previous steps, we'll develop a copy strategy and evaluate website structure for page consolidation.
Additional HubSpot Product Implementation If a customer bought Marketing Hub or Sales Hub, how do they integrate with CMS?
Copy and SEO writing Improving website SEO by using pre-determined keywords on each page and mapping and writing website content accordingly.
Designing and Development Based on the copy, our team will perform graphics creation, page styling, and coding for the website, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
Integrations Any software integrations the client needs, for example, connecting the CRM to the website.
Performance Optimization Determining performance and making any improvements as required.
Quality Assurance We'll review grammar, navigation spelling, and more before the site goes live.
Client training and feedback Determining if the client requires any training to perform basic changes to their website as required.
Reporting Using information from reports and analytics to implement improvements to the website.
  • HubSpot Service Hub Onboarding

Set up a digital service solution with the HubSpot service hub experts! These services optimize and set up the digital customer service solution to get your clients ready to access your services efficiently and quickly, no matter the location. 

Kick-off call Getting started with a kick-off call outlines project goals, timelines, communication, and responsibilities.
User and administration setup Managing the user access, permissions, and device syncing for communication in HubSpot.
Service Hub setup Setting up Service Hub by creating a conversation inbox, notifications, live chat, relevant forms, ticket pipeline stages, and custom ticket properties.
Integrations Connecting the third-party and native apps and software to HubSpot.
Additional HubSpot Products Implementation Connecting other HubSpot products to the Service Hub for seamless functionality.
Process optimization Reviewing existing processes and ensuring that everything is working as intended.
Analytics and Reporting View analytics and report information and utilize the recorded insights for process improvements.
Maintenance Ensuring the client's understanding of the platform, providing resources, additional training opportunities, and more.

After selecting HubSpot or any other service to improve your business, it's important to remember that the decision alone will not guarantee success. Even after moving to a new platform, businesses may still struggle to achieve their goals. This is often due to inefficient onboarding processes. 

Even after migrating to HubSpot, businesses often face challenges like:

  • Unable to embrace the new platform features appropriately
  • Facing issues like data migration or synchronization
  • Unable to automate the business activities the right way
  • Unable to receive accurate data due to inappropriate data and reporting setup 

And many more!

But the appropriate HubSpot Onboarding can help you with everything that is required to take the most benefit of the platform. 

Benefits of HubSpot Onboarding

HubSpot Onboarding acts as a catalyst for businesses looking to derive the most value from their HubSpot investment, providing a structured and guided approach to platform adoption and optimization.

While overcoming the challenges mentioned above, HubSpot onboarding facilitates businesses with a wide range of benefits that can take businesses to the next level. Let us check out some of the benefits of choosing Hubspot onboarding services:

  • Efficient implementation and platform setup

Hubspot onboarding streamlines the entire setup process while saving you resources and time. The Hubspot experts facilitate the whole implementation process from beginning to end, avoiding costly mistakes. 

  • Customized solutions for varied business requirements

With the complete customization of workflows and pipelines, Hubspot experts seamlessly incorporate the tailored approach that is explicit to business requirements.

  • Efficient data migration

Hubspot onboarding comes with the expert's guidance in migrating the data from the current CRM to HubSpot, ensuring data consistency and integrity.

  • Enhanced team collaboration

The efficient onboarding fuels better collaboration among different team members while ensuring that everyone is on the same page. 

  • Quick adaption

With efficient Hubspot onboarding, users can leverage the advanced features and updates of Hubspot, leading to the automation of business processes.

  • Enhanced productivity

A well-structured onboarding process lessens the learning curve, allowing businesses to become more productive with a quick impact. 

  • Improved ROI

By ensuring the effective use of the platform and maximizing the platform use, the onboarding contributes well to a better return on investment made in the platform. 

  • Seamless integration with external systems

Onboarding helps businesses by seamlessly integrating with the other business systems while ensuring a cohesive data flow.

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Cost of HubSpot Onboarding

The cost of Hubspot onboarding can vary based on different factors, including the type and extent of customization required, specific Hubspot services, the number of users, and the complexity of the business processes. 

However, we can offer different onboarding packages to cater to the unique requirements of businesses. With the startup HubSpot Onboarding plan, businesses can get started with onboarding services at around $300 [including access to the HubSpot for Startups community].

  • Marketing Hub Onboarding Pricing: 

> For Professional = Price: $3,000

> For Enterprise = Price: $6,000

  • HubSpot Sales Onboarding Pricing: 

> The plans vary between $1,500 - $3,500*

  • HubSpot CRM Suite Onboarding Pricing: 

> There are three plans $10,000, $17,000 to $24,000*

  • HubSpot CMS Onboarding Pricing: 

> The plans vary between $1,500 - $2,000*

To learn more about the costs of the HubSpot services you have chosen, please get in touch with our HubSpot experts.

Onboarding: HubSpot vs. Agency Partners

Choosing one out of the Onboarding partners between the HubSpot and agency partners can be complicated, And the answer may vary based on the business-specific requirements. 

However, whether you choose to onboard with third-party agency partners or with HubSpot, both have their perks and drawbacks. Let us check out which could be a better choice.

Pros of choosing HubSpot Onboarding

  • The services will be received from trusted HubSpot experts.
  • You will receive a robust strategy backed by tech experts.

Cons of choosing HubSpot Onboarding

  • Onboarding services from HubSpot directly can be more expensive.
  • Even with the higher costs, the brand provides limited services in the onboarding plan.
  • This requires more effort and input from the client side.

Pros of choosing agency partners

  • It costs easier on pockets as the third-party agency partners provide Hubspot onboarding services at competitive pricing.
  • The partner agencies offer more services with the HubSpot Onboarding services.
  • Unlike onboarding services from HubSpot, the third-party partners call for minimal effort from the client side, performing the configurations and other essentials on their own by understanding the final goal.

Cons of choosing agency partners

  • Third-party agencies can offer great expertise in the field, but it is crucial to note that some may lack as well. However, choosing the right partner can help access the desired expertise. 
  • The cost of accessing the HubSpot Onboarding services may differ drastically from partner to partner. However, choosing the right onboarding partner can help you efficiently access all the pros while costing less on the pockets. 

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Bottom Line!

HubSpot Onboarding, coupled with agency assistance, not only ensures a successful adoption of the CRM platform but also positions businesses for sustained growth by leveraging HubSpot's capabilities to their fullest extent.

Whether you require migration to HubSpot from your existing platform or want to adopt this new platform to automate and scale your business processes, Signity Solutions could be your go-to solution to all your HubSpot woes. 

Our team of HubSpot experts will ensure seamless platform integration, appropriate onboarding, and streamlined workflows so that you don't waste time on manual processes. Get in touch with us today to build a platform that helps you achieve your goals.

Enhance your team's workflow efficiency with HubSpot Onboarding. 

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