9 Things to Outsource While Starting a New Business

Doing every aspect of your business and watching it grow is indeed good. But it will soon cease to matter once deadlines kick in and success after deployment of the product is taking a lot of time than expected. So, to reach the destination as fast as possible and to emerge successful you need expert help. Maintaining an in-house team might not be a good idea owing to the expenses and other factors. So the answer here is to outsource!

Before you outsource any service, there are certain factors that need to be considered such as:

  • How often will the task be conducted?
  • Availability of outsourcing resources for the task
  • Cost of outsourcing vs. insourcing
  • Risk of pivoting away from the particular skill
  • Degree of specialization required

But what all can you consider while outsourcing to India without thinking much? Have a look:

1. Content Marketing 

Content has always been the king when it comes to marketing.  Creating and publishing content has nowadays become one of the most important tactics for marketing your product.


  • It can attract traffic
  • It can answer customer queries
  • Can help in conversion
  • Helps in maintaining a connection with the public
  • Adds value to the sales process
  • Will help to stay in the radar of the potential buyers
  • To provide credibility

Maintaining an entire team for this can be a daunting task for your company since you have a lot to handle when it comes to managing many aspects of your custom app development services. Considering the importance of content marketing, it’s always safe and essential to depend on a remote team as they may have custom made options for any type of company.

2. IT  Services Outsourcing

The key to being successful in any business is to reach the market as early as possible. Since technologies are evolving at a rapid pace, keeping up can be a problem since the cost and skill required to do so can be hefty.

So, in order to keep up with time, outsourcing is the only way in front of you. If your in-house team and resources are smaller or inadequate for your requirement; an outsourcing team can help you to a great extent. They have the resources and expertise to make things possible within the deadline with less cost compared to that of the money required in purchasing up-to-date resources and skilled workforce.

And above all, they will be able to give you a clear picture regarding what will work and what won’t.

3. Mobile App Development

According to a recent survey, 72% of businesses worldwide outsourced their IT-related requirements. Outsourcing mobile app development can be cheaper and more efficient for many businesses. It can significantly reduce the amount of risk involved, cut down your development costs, and produce exceptional results. The top mobile app development agency suggests keeping the following points in mind while outsourcing mobile app development services:

  • Know Your Requirements
  • Pick the Right Development Option
  • Look for Relevant Experience
  • Remember: Communication is Key
  • Ask Questions
  • Set Clear Expectations
  • Request a Project Plan
  • Collaborate with Your Partner

The above-mentioned points will make the most out of outsourcing your mobile app development.

4. Payroll

Payroll errors can prove to be hefty for any organization. It does not simply mean calculation of the salary for your employees. It is much more complex and requires a deeper solution.

In fact, many small businesses have been paying millions of dollars in the US as the price for payroll errors. 

Outsourcing payroll related activities  such as: 

  • Employee record management
  • Calculating employee salary and wages
  • Computation
  • payroll distribution
  • Reports etc.

This will make sure that everything related to payment has been set on the right course.

5. Accounting

Accounting comes with a set of rules and regulations. Owing to the same it can be a complex thing to handle. If you are a young entrepreneur or someone who has a lot to handle, these complex division of your business might be too much to handle.

By outsourcing the account related activities of your business, you can get hold of plenty of benefits such as: 

  • Save time
  • Get hold of expert handling
  • You will always be updated with the latest policies
  • Access advanced technology
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Economic safeguard in a hard situation

6. Inventory Management

You have a small inventory which is easily manageable. What if circumstances are forcing you to expand it?

You need to outsource your inventory management. In this type of situation, association with a company which has flexible contract terms would be the right choice. The company must be able to carry out your regional, national as well as international shipments with ease. They should also have systems that can integrate with yours so that you can constantly track what’s happening.

Outsourcing your Salesforce and Zoho consulting services can help you in managing and scaling your team. The professional CRM consultants can look into your requirements and will suggest you with the best.

7. Data Analysis

Collecting and evaluating data for better decisions and meaningful information is one of the essential trends in businesses. Big data analysis is the key for any business to make a better decision. Since the cruciality of the task is immense and the attention this process requires is huge, it’s always better to outsource it to a private company who is good at what they do.

By outsourcing data analysis you will be able to,

  • Internal resources can be freed
  • Cutting edge tools will be at your disposal
  • Predictions will be accurate
  • Save a lot of money and time
  • Manage data efficiently
  • Secure data

8. Customer Support

Imagine that you have spent years and a huge fortune on a product. But once it’s deployed in the market you lost at being trustworthy to customers. All that effort and time went in vain! Often outsourcing customer support might give you a picture of a large room with numerous people talking to the customers. Which is not true!

There are virtual assistants at present that you can hire to carry out customer service with impeccable efficiency.  You can use medium such Linkedin to search for someone who can align with your needs while outsourcing your customer support needs.

9. Lead Generation

Lead generation is not a piece of cake. Statistics state that, 8 out of 10 businesses turn out to be a failure owing to their incapability to generate leads.

Similar to conversion optimization, lead generation is also a difficult task and have a colossal impact on your business. It’s always safe to outsource lead generation in order to build a highly scalable business.

If you have the money to maintain a team that can generate leads through various tasks it’s fine. But why bother if there are companies out there who can do the same thing with assurance and in a cost-effective way?

Here is the infographic:



Possibility of outsourcing is indeed immense. However, make sure that you are not sourcing segments of your business just to ease the load. Evaluate the processes in your company and have a thorough understanding of your weakness and the struggling point and then think about outsourcing. Hire an outsourcing team that fulfills all your requirements and make sure that they provide you with their best services.

Priyanka Mehra

Priyanka Mehra

Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist at Signity Solutions
Being an online marketer, she loves to learn, explore and implement new marketing strategies.She is insightful when it comes to marketing challenges, trends, and growth hacking.
Priyanka Mehra

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