Zoho Remotely: Adapting Businesses to the New Normal

This article discusses how Zoho Remotely is helping businesses adapt to the challenges of the new normal, emphasizing its role in facilitating remote work and addressing the evolving needs of modern enterprises.

Zoho Remotely

The age-old maxim: ‘Survival of the fittest’ aptly defines the business environment today. With sudden radical changes, there’s an essential need to shift and adapt to a new working style- aka remote working. Zoho Remotely delivers right on! Read to know ‘how’.  

In the light of the current global health crisis, companies across the globe are adopting new remote workflows- some willfully, others out of necessity.  

Zoho Remotely, a new CRM suite by Zoho, makes working from home a swift experience. But before we touch on that, let’s address the situation and answer a few key questions, starting with;

Is this the new normal?

Well, until the novel Coronavirus wave settles down, or doctors find a cure, or a major chunk of the global population gets immune- work from home (WFM) is the only viable option for businesses to stay afloat in the global market. 

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But Work from home has its own challenges; and being a certified Zoho CRM Consultant, we’re here to highlight these challenges and help your business pave the way ahead, using Zoho Remotely.  

When working remotely, the last thing you’d want is your IT infrastructure to fall short and not be able to handle the workload.

Your existing IT infrastructure, at the bare minimum, should be capable enough to meet the fluctuating demands, and tackle unforeseen scenarios; if not, the entire workforce is doomed to face a hard time. 

What is Zoho Remotely?

Albeit a necessity, the irony of the digital age is- not many businesses are planned for such scenarios, let alone have a decent enough IT infrastructure.

To help businesses stay operational, manage sales, and synchronize their activities, Zoho recently launched Zoho Remotely- a one-of-its-kind, easy to install, CRM toolkit with all the essential tools for your business to execute work and collaborate anywhere around the globe.

The Zoho Remotely offers all the necessary tools and functionalities that your team (on-site and remote), and salespersons would need on a normal working day (though, normal seems like a story from a distant past). 

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Moving on, here’s interesting food for thought:

Why did Zoho launch a Remote Office Suite?

As the Coronavirus suddenly overwhelmed the world population, commuting to and from the workplace became a real hassle for everyone. 

Here’s a data-point:

Blind surveyed anonymous workers, only to find out that a third of them avoid commuting to their respective workplaces during the current Coronavirus crisis. 

81% of Microsoft employees, 76% of Amazon’s, 34% of Google’s, and 55% of Facebook’s employee strength is currently working from home.

These huge numbers indicate a pattern, and If we dare say, are catalyzing a massive shift to remote working, aka the new normal. 

81% of Microsoft employees, 76% of Amazon’s, 34% of Google’s, and 55% of Facebook’s employee strength is currently working from home.

Zoho made this suite public, for a majority of its own employees (Estimated: 8000+ workers), spread across 10+ countries are currently working from home, and employing the same set of tools and technologies. 

Now, that we have a common understanding of why remote working is on its way to being the new normal, let’s break down the ZOHO Remotely suite, the associated features, and everything else that’s there to it. 

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ZOHO Remotely Tech Stack

There’s nothing that could top physical interaction- and that’s not an understatement. 

However, the next possible best alternative would be a low-cost digital conferencing solution- for this is certainly no time to invest in radical technologies like AR, or VR. 


Good, cheap, and reliable video conferencing translates a subtle yet essential impression of an in-person meeting- irrespective of your geographical location. 

Zoho Remotely comprises of a set of web and mobile apps that conveys just that- right communication, great collaboration, and enhanced productivity.  

With that said, let’s list the Zoho web and mobile app in Zoho Remotely, on the basis of these three primary categories:

1. Communication

Zoho’s Remotely suite enables your business to conduct all your communications in a seamless manner. Whatever your Zoho Implementation needs are- be it team meetings, training sessions, or a product/service presentation- this remote CRM suite got you covered. 

Zoho Cliq

Establish communication with your teams via multiple channels- including audio, video, and chats. Consider Zoho Cliq as the central hub for all your professional communications. 

Zoho Meeting

Schedule meetings in a new-way. Use the Zoho Meeting app and simulate the human feel via HD video calling. Also, share your screens for better context & understandability. 

2. Collaboration

Work effectively by sharing entire projects, or individual documents with your team- irrespective of their device, and location. Zoho Remotely enables your teams to efficiently manage, prioritize, and achieve tasks within the set timeline. 

Choose us as your Zoho consulting partner, and let our Zoho experts lend their expertise and assist you in implementing the best remote apps for a seamless workflow. 

Zoho Work Drive

Just like any other cloud drive but with subtle enhancements for better connectivity, and easy sharing. Create team drives, share documents, pass suggestions, comments, highlights, and edits- everything in real-time. 

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3. Productivity

Zoho Remotely productivity tools are designed and developed with the sole purpose to boost collaboration and productivity. Since we’re talking prime Zoho implementation practices, and enhanced productivity- employ this set of apps to tweak and tinker with documents, spreadsheets, slides, and more. 

Zoho Writer

It is a robust word processing app, that allows you, and your favorite writers to create, and edit documents remotely. 

Zoho Sheet

With Zoho Sheets, create, manage, and analyze data in real-time. Use Interactive visualizations to analyze and present data with your teams.

Zoho Show

Presentations are preemptive to business meetings, and even their success. With Zoho Show, craft and share presentations effortlessly. 

How can your business benefit from Zoho Remotely?

Zoho CRMs exceptional remote functionalities make it a necessity for your business in current times. But if we were to tread a little deeper, here listed are a few key benefits of Zoho Remotely, that assists you in running your business efficiently, even when you’re WFM.

1. Manage your employees remotely

Think about any essential task that you’d do on a regular working day. Okay?

With Zoho remotely, there’s a 90% chance that you could do that remotely, and at ease. 

For instance- adding lead contacts, updating the job status, tracking your bills, analyzing the task reports of employees, monitoring assigned tasks, and a whole lot more. 

If you could implement Robotic Process Automation with Zoho Remotely capabilities, even better. 

Don’t know what’s (RPA) Robotic Process Automation? Fret not. Head to this blog and you’d know how this radical automation technology can accelerate and streamline your business growth. 

2. Connect with customers anywhere, anytime

Being away from your physical workplace doesn’t and shouldn’t restrict you to connect, and communicate with your existing and potential customers. 

With Zoho Implementation, you have access to all your contact information in one place. Not to mention, the added ability to add specific notes, record the contents of your customers' calls, and more. 

Zoho Remotely enables your business to function the same way, just without being constrained in a set physical boundary. 

3. Sell more, and analyze sales in real-time

Business essentially runs on sales. The more sales, the better.

With that said, being able to access, change, and control your sales is imperative to your business operations- whether WFM or not. 

Use Zoho Remotely sales-specific and intuitive data analytics app to check, analyze, and identify the data such as your company’s sales pipeline, product performance, and sales team daily tasks. 

Closing Words:

Since the COVID-19 (nCov Virus) is here to stay for quite a while, it’s quintessential to opt and adapt to the new working norms. If you don’t, not only you’d put your employees’ health is at risk, but your business will be facing great jeopardy. 

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Working with industry-leading experts and employing the latest technologies, we have successfully delivered CRM solutions to hundreds of businesses. That said, rest assured we’d provide unparalleled Zoho consulting services, within your set budget.

Connect with our well informed experts to discern the benefits of Zoho CRM for your business or drop us an email at info@signitysolutions.com, and get an insight into new-age automation technologies like Robotic Process Automation that can help you in promoting your business’ growth in these dire and unsought changing times.  

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 Ashok Sharma

Ashok Sharma