Top 10 Artificial Intelligence APIs to Consider for 2021 [Updated]

April 15, 2021

Do you think developers write the code of entire software on their own? Well, they can’t even if they want to. Software code is complex and contains millions of logics. Developers can end up getting confused and mess up the entire software.

Well, that’s where the application programming interface (APIs) comes to the rescue. For those who don’t know, an API is a ready-made code that helps in digitizing monotonous tasks and automating complex functions. Now, every IT service field has its APIs: Website development, mobile app development, networking, DevOps. Even when it comes to AI development services, we have certain APIs that make the whole AI app development & deployment process a lot easier.

According to a survey, 55.9% of AI & Machine Learning developers said that their organizations hugely rely on language APIs.

Well, in this blog, we have shortlisted the 10 most popular APIs. These APIs are going to be most commonly used in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry. We have gathered this list after extensive research and discussion with popular artificial intelligence and machine learning consulting services. For this reason, it’s very worth your time. So, Go through the list and decide which one meets your requirements:

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence APIs for 2021



1. Alexa Skill Management API

Everyone is aware of Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa, right? The way it has changed the lives of people by allowing them to interact with devices using the voice command is just spectacular.

The Alexa skill management API allows developers to update the interaction model by creating, managing and testing new skills for the Alexa smart assistant. These skills can be anything – such as playing your favorite songs, reading news headlines, opening a certain website, booking flights, paying bills, or streaming your favorite movie. (If we believe Amazon, there are over 70,000 skills available.

This way using the Alexa Skill Management API, developers can take the functionality of the Alexa smart assistant to a whole new level. The API is useful for developers who are working on the Alexa smart assistant.

2. Google Assistant API

The Google Assistant API lets developers embed the Google smart assistant with mobile applications, speakers, smart displays, watches, automobiles, laptops, TVs, and other Google Home devices. Doing so enables voice control in these devices and lets users search about the weather, traffic, news, flight, add reminders, and manage tasks, and control smart home devices just by using their phone. Features like hotword detection, natural language understanding, and other intelligent services are also feasible with the help of Google Assistant API. So, this API can be a good resource for artificial intelligence developers who want to make their AI apps smarter and more efficient.

3. BigML

Developers who have worked on the BigML agree with its company’s claim that it’s the simplest API for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Well, this is because the API is packed with impressive features like anomaly detection and Sunburst visualization. This means developers can perfectly use it even if they don’t have prior experience. Moreover, there are case studies and user guides to help developers in case they face some hitch in any task.

So, the API helps even novice artificial intelligence developers perform their tasks with unmatched expertise. No wonder why it is the most preferred artificial intelligence API available at present.

4. PredictionIO

PredictionIO is everything you could want in an ideal artificial intelligence API. It’s free to deploy, offers a variety of customizable templates, and capable of dynamically responding to queries after being deployed as a web service. What’s more exciting is that the PredictionIO API comes with detailed documentation containing developer instructions and demo tutorials. This means developers will never face any issue in making the most out of it.

Above all this, the API is regularly updated. This means developers using it will keep coming across new features every now and then.

5. Animetrics Face Recognition

For developers who are looking for an API to create software for facial or just simply conducting image analysis, Animetrics Face Recognition is the right choice. Looking for reasons? Well, here are some:

First of all, the working of the Animetrics Face Recognition software is simple. It detects faces in photos and matches them against the set of known faces.

Second, the API returns the information on facial features or landmarks as coordinates on the images.

Third, developers can easily upload or pick up subjects from the gallery using the API or even delete faces from topics.

This way, these developers can easily get the relevant information they need for facial recognition and image analysis, using this artificial intelligence API. If you ask us, this artificial intelligence API is undoubtedly a great option for developers out there.

6. is used to build intelligent voice interfaces for artificial intelligence systems like home automation, connected cars, robotics, smartphones, and wearable devices. 

The artificial intelligence API is my favorite choice for empowering developers with powerful voice automation tools in artificial intelligence systems. Not only because it helps them easily transmit and process natural languages from human interaction. But also due to reason that it promotes a culture of cooperation and sharing by encouraging developers to share their findings with others in the community. helps everyone grow.  Perhaps, this is one of the main reasons, API is favored by developers around the globe for creating highly advanced artificial intelligence systems.

7. Salesforce Einstein Language


If you are looking for an efficient artificial intelligence API for the analysis of the text from emails, chats, or web forms – there is no better option than the Salesforce Einstein Language API. The biggest reason behind is how beautifully it works:

The API classifies the text sentiment into positive, negative, and neutral classes to understand the feeling behind the text. (We can also create custom models or use pre-built sentiment models.) Then, the API categorizes the text into user-defined labels to comprehend what users intend to do by sending the text.  So this way, the Salesforce Einstein language API lets developers easily understand the intent behind any text they receive from an email, message, or any web form.

8. Anaconda

Anaconda is a business-grade secure and scalable API powered by Python. Developers use it to control data science assets. One of the major reasons behind using the API is that it grants developers access to over 700 easily installable packages. Also, you can swiftly deploy projects into interactive data applications, live notebooks, and ML models using Anaconda. For this reason, many developers are using it. 

9. Indico

Indico is undoubtedly one of the best artificial intelligence APIs for predictive analysis, the reason being how swiftly it works. The API has two options. One of which does the text evolution (sentiment analysis, engagement, emotion) and the other, which does (facial emotion, facial localization). This way, the API can easily predict photos and texts without having to acquire any formal training. No wonder why the Indico API is the favorite of everyone who wants to create advantage text and image analysis systems.

10. SummarizeBot API

The SummarizeBot API is used for the text and multimedia analysis of artificial intelligence systems and Blockchain-powered solutions. There are reasons why this API is perfect for these functions. Using the API, you can easily scrape important information from documents or websites, do sentiment analysis & extraction from videos, images, and GIFs. Also, there are over 100 languages, along with support for multiple file formats. Overall, artificial intelligence is offering a lot, and the developers should choose it for sure.


So, now you have the 10 best artificial intelligence APIs that you can consider in the year 2021. Now, to identify which of them is meeting your business requirement is your job. Signity solutions can also help. Being a chatbot development company that has developed countless custom web & mobile app development solutions using artificial intelligence services, we have enough knowledge and experience. So, hurry up and reach out.

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