Artificial Intelligence vs Robotics: All the Facts You Need to Know

March 1, 2019

Robots have always been our point of fascination. The swiftness with which they do the work of 100 human beings keeps our eyes wide open. The Asimov robot by Honda introduced the humans of the 21st century to modern-day robotics. AI has recently seen a significant rise in its demand as well as its development in varied fields of jobs. This has led to a surge in demand for machine learning companies in India. In this blog, we will try to present the facts on the artificial intelligence vs robotics and will thus, see how come they are similar and in what sense different.


It is a common perception that AI and Robotics are the same or somewhat similar. In layman’s language, AI is the brain while Robotics is the body. Robots have existed without AI in the past. And will continue to do so. As without Robots, the implementation of AI is nothing but software interaction. An artificially-intelligent robot is a term for the combination of these two technologies as it is still under research work. The augmentation of both will do wonders. But until then one needs to clear the concept that both AI and Robotics serve different purposes. This is where the need for machine learning consulting arises.

Artificial Intelligence vs Robotics: The Background


  • Defining Robotics and AI 

Robotics is the branch of science that deals with the development of robots. Robots aim to complete the work done by human in much lesser time with better efficiency. The robots can be automatic or need some initial instructions from humans.

But AI is a computer science branch. It helps in developing software that can do the task that needs personal discretion, decision-making, and intelligence as these qualities cannot be otherwise programmed in a computer. Artificial Intelligence development services can help the machine learn and perceive surroundings to adapt as per the situation. AI can even solve different problems, tackle logical reasoning and also learn languages.

  • Aspects

Robots are programmable and interact with the surrounding using sensors. They might be automatic or semi-automatic depending on the area of their application.

AI is a science that depends on machine learning and algorithms. If explained in limited words, AI works on its own decision making and reasoning.

  • Application

A robot aims to simplify lifestyle and increase work productivity. A robot that can improvise the methods to work will be more than welcome. But a clear definition of the robot doesn’t imply anywhere about learning. Designing a robot undergoes a lot of physical building, external designing, and coding (or AI), which aims to enhance its decision-making capacity.

But AI is all about humanizing the technological experience. AI engines found use in GPS trackers, better navigation systems, customer care chatbot and others. There are few cases where an AI program powers robots.

There’s a separate type of robot powered by AI, i.e., an Artificially-Intelligent Robot. Control of Robot is through an AI program developed in a tightly knit environment. AI development companies along with Robotic development firms perform this task. AI robots have a varied spectrum of application. They found use in several departments of the same factory whereas a simple robot performs repetitive tasks with a set of programmed movements. It does not need any intelligence.

Artificially Intelligent Robots


There are specific examples of artificially-intelligent robots:


  •  Cobot (Non-artificially-intelligent)

A Cobot can do work by itself after programming. It does not need any human help until turned off. Cobot is a collaborative robot and in this case, will do a work assigned repetitively as it is a non-AI robot.

  • Cobot (Artificially-intelligent)

The Cobot mentioned above can be further developed by the addition of AI. The addition of AI adds a perception to the robot. It also adds decision-making instincts that need a decorated algorithm. For example, a heat receptor to prevent the robot from entering furnaces while operating as the robot would be handling heat sensitive items. Also, a camera can add a perceptional vision to the robot. This will prevent it from colliding from different elements in the factory.

  • Software Robot

Software robot is a computer program which performs a task on various software and websites by itself. They are also known as bots as they have no existence in reality and are actually computer programs. For example, a web-crawler scans the website and categorizes them for search. It might include AI engines for better performance.

Software robots are not robots in real. But the work done falls in the category of robots, thereby it makes an entry in the list here.

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The difference that makes the AI stand out is the ability to make decisions. It can make the software yield better results, i.e., improvisation. AI is a technological brain with wires and programming. Robots need prior instructions or codes of instruction to perform autonomously or semi-autonomously.

The world looks for the amalgamation of these two principles in a much more confident manner as that might help humankind to achieve the goal untouched from centuries. Humankind has invented for the sole purpose of satisfying curiosity. Curiosity took us to the moon and is now about to take us to the mars in search of a peaceful and better habitat. This curiosity should never die as the day it will, our will to live might. Robotics is the ever-developing branch of science, from pay loading shelves to drones, the science is developing micro-drones, unmanned aeronautical vehicles (UAV) to get to the edge of the curiosity. Betterment of everything depends on the dedication of the development team, and in case of a sole leader, his motivation. The potential offered by this technology has given rise to the demand for AI consulting services around the world.

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