5 Benefits of Using Job Bots for Recruitment

August 28, 2019

There’s no denying the fact that India is one of the biggest markets for bot development. There has been a significant rise in Chatbot development. Companies have been approached with chatbot ideas for various industries like ecommerce, banking, education, healthcare, career counseling, etc.

Still, there is one sector that’s still progressing in the chatbot development services market, i.e. the recruitment industry. It’s not that we don’t have chatbots for job recruitment. But they are very less, and most businesses still trust humans more than bots for hiring candidates.

However, let’s not forget the fact that companies suffer a great loss by hiring bad candidates. According to stats: Over 25% of companies suffered a loss of $50,000 last year, which is not a small amount.

Now, things would’ve been different if businesses had used a recruitment bot for the hiring process. They could’ve avoided this loss by consulting the best chatbot development company

The benefits of using a job bot for the hiring process are spectacular, and here in this blog, we are going to talk about them all. So, let’s begin:

Benefits of using bots for job hiring

Benefits of using bots for job hiring


1. Fast recruitment

The process of hiring candidates is long and exhausting for job recruiters. Putting advertisements, tracking candidates on job platforms, reaching each candidate through email or phone, scheduling interviews, and then select a candidate that they feel meets all job requirements is not easy. The whole process takes weeks and sometimes even months.

However, job bots can reduce the whole recruitment process to a day or two.Do you know how? By:

  • Selecting only those potential candidates that strictly meet the selection criteria.

  • Reaching out candidates on platforms that guarantee a response.

  • Quickly reviewing applications and scheduling interviews.

Overall, recruitment bots can help you recruit candidates a lot fast, and that is why they are quite popular.

2. Automation of tedious tasks

There are several small yet crucial things that cause a delay in the recruitment process. For example, manually preparing the list of potential candidates. It’s a long process that takes a lot of time and efforts. Also, there are great chances of error. Sometimes, recruiters are so busy that they hardly have any time to go through each candidate’s profile and see if he/she meets the selection criteria.

Even the process of scheduling interviews is no less hectic. A lot of hassles are involved like informing candidates about the interviews, cross-checking with if they are coming or not, reminding interviewers about the scheduled interview, etc.You can automate all these tedious tasks with the help of a job bot, thus cutting back on the recruitment time and making it hassle-free. Therefore, it is recommended to contact AI development company and consult them for bot development.

3. Better candidate experience

Let me explain this better with an example, one of my friends was looking forward to applying for a position in an IT services company. So, she spent hours refining her resume, doing research about the company and writing an attractive cover letter. Finally, after cross-checking everything, she applied for the position. And in return, all she received was this cold email response from the recruiter: Thanks for applying. We will get in touch with you soon.

She never heard from the company again. She sent follow-up emails, but there was no response. Now, my friend was furious. She wrote a lengthy post on LinkedIn and publicly shamed the company. Thousands of people read her experience as a candidate, and the company’s reputation suffered a major setback. But all this could be avoided.

All they had was to take a follow up with my friend after she had applied. However, the problem is that recruiters receive thousands of emails each day, and taking a follow up on each is not possible. That’s where recruitment bot in the form of customer service chatbot comes into play. They not only follow up on candidates from time to time but also guide them through the recruitment process. This results in improved candidate experience and puts your brand in a positive limelight.

4. Reduced hiring cost and time

As job bots are using highly advanced algorithms to choose candidates for a particular position, the chances of choosing candidates who don’t fit the job requirements are minimum. This means you don’t have to waste time and resources in interviewing wrong candidates. Instead, you will only have to focus on the right ones. Also, these recruitment bots can automate small tasks like preparing a record of candidates for interview, intimating them about the interview date, taking a follow-up, scheduling interviews, gathering feedback from interviewers, etc. These are the same tasks that take days or sometimes weeks when you do them manually.

Moreover, as you have already established a good relationship with the candidates you interviewed the first time, you can easily cut down on cost and time by directly pitching these people. Overall, you can reduce the time and cost for the interviews by 50–60% with the help of job bots, which is not a small figure at all.

5. Increased chances of hiring talented candidates

The process of manually selecting candidates is flawed. There are times when we end up rejecting talented candidates and hiring those with no talent at all. This results in wastage of time and resources of the company and also misleads candidates to believe that companies have no value for talented people.  But we can’t blame job recruiters for this. After all, they are human and can make mistakes. Also, they receive thousands of applications for a job profile and have to go through all of them. So, there are chances that they might overlook one or two.

However, AI tools like Textkernel pay close attention to what you are looking for in a potential candidate and recommend them to you. This reduces the chances of error and ensures that you miss no talented person. So, should you use a bot for the recruitment purpose? My answer is: Yes, why not?

Like other industries, AI can also prove to be a game-changer in the recruitment sector. Using job bots, you can hire talented candidates faster and at much less recruitment cost. This is the main reason most companies have started using them in the job hiring process, and they are actually benefiting from it.

Hence, by not using an AI bot in job recruitment, you are definitely missing out a lot of things. Now, this is the time we wake up to realize the importance of Chatbots and consider outsourcing to India to create an AI recruitment bot for your business. Signity Solutions can help you with this.

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We are a leading AI consulting, custom web and mobile application development company having proven experience in building bots, apps and websites for various industries. Over a span of a few years, we have developed countless bots for different businesses. Hence, we can create a brilliant recruitment bot for you as well So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and contact us right now. We will guide you through the entire service in detail. Also, Click here to learn about our Chatbot development process in detail.

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