An Australia-based app that rewards shoppers with cash back or loyalty cash on everyday purchases. User can win exclusive cashback on groceries, alcohol, petrol and more by shopping with eligible merchants around Australia.

The Cash Back App - App for Merchants & Users

Client - CTO - David Hennessy

Technology - ios, Android


The Cash Back App | Overview


The Cash Back App is a free app that offers you cashback on daily purchases with eligible merchants. The application is a reward for shoppers as they can verify their income stream growth and check for shopping shares on a day-to-day basis. As a bonus feature, the app also gives you an option to build an additional source of income, helping you build a recurring source of earning.

The Cash Back App also allows social media integration so that the user can share the app or credits with family or friends, conveniently.

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How It Works

Look for a TCBA Merchants offering a discount, instantly converting into cash back and loyalty credit.

During purchase, scan your QR code present in the Reader section installed next to the cash register.

Pay for your purchase with cash, EFTPOS, or credit card as normal.

The purchase will get you cash back and loyalty credit that will be allocated in your wallet.

Later, TCBA allocates a donation based on your purchase amount.

You can share the app with your friends and family and receive an affiliate commission every time they shop.

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The Challenges

Database Handling

TCBA is divided into various phases with a large database, and handling such a huge database was a big challenge.


There was no fixed level for earning the income, so it took a lot of time. Initially, we fixed at 5 layered model but then changed it to 7 layers so “n” number of users can get the benefit.



There is unique wallet for every user for collecting, adding, withdrawing and instantly paying other TCBA member.


Finds TCBA members nearby, also views the merchant’s loyalty and cashback offer.


Displays exclusive offers, and deals that give users more discount.

Gift Cards

Shows discounted gift eCards, and In-stock gift eCards.


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